Ten of the Top 15 men get to sing while the rest fester in the Dumpster Outside Randy's Workshop

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February 20, 2014 at 06:48 AM EST

Top 15, just kidding, Top 10 Guys night showcased more decent vocals than Tuesday’s disastrous Girls night, but man oh man (I’m a man I’m a man I’m a man), in terms of this season’s overall talent, I am just as underwhelmed now as I was then. I’ll be happy to hear calmer and more assured performances from 13 people who know for certain they’ll get the chance to sing next week. Aside from the spectacle of calculated mass heartbreak for no apparent reason, Rush Week seems like a wash.

It’s goodbye to Casey Thrasher, Maurice Townsend, Briston Maroney, Ethan Harris, and Jordan Brisbane — “class acts, all of them,” said Ryan Seacrest without mentioning their names. He will never have to learn them; the season is definitely working out well for Ryan.

Short version of my recap:

Long version of my recap:

Who feels like singing? All 15 of you? Huh. Weird. Well, eff you! The judges picked these 10:

Caleb Johnson (pictured above), Faces’ “Stay With Me”: Caleb would be a great host/emcee of a huge karaoke bar, especially around about 9 p.m. when no one is drunk enough yet to sign up and sing. He could get them buzzed with his energy! His look and singing style are not current, but I see no reason why a singer this technically sound and likable and passionate should miss out on the Top 5. Going first could be his death knell, but I hope both he and Majesty prove that tendency wrong.

“I want subtle over-the-topness,” Caleb told a deep-scoopnecked Adam Lambert during his style consult.

Adam gets it.

C.J. Harris, Ray LaMontagne’s “Shelter”: Harry called him out on singing sharp throughout the song, but did sense an authenticity and emotional connection within C.J. — “I felt like you were singing to me, you were gonna shelter me.” Keith agreed and disagreed; when he’s that drawn into a performance, he has no idea what sharp or flat even means! C.J. reminded him of Dobie Gray and Jonny Lang and, perhaps just as important: “You’re just a great Alabama boy, man,” added Keith. I thought C.J. would deliver more vocally. I like the grit in his tone, but most of the time I could barely hear him over the band.

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