On ''American Idol,'' early favorites start to fade: Nadia and Anwar hit the bottom three with Jessica, whose ''On the Side of Angels'' failed to take wings
Jessica Sierra

”American Idol”: Early favorites fade

She may have been on the side of angels, but Jessica Sierra learned there’s no text messaging in heaven.

After her tepidly received Tuesday-night rendition of Leann Rimes’ ”On the Side of Angels” — the judges praised Jessica’s voice but panned her song selection — the busty, big-voiced blonde received the lowest number of votes from American Idol viewers and was booted from the competition. The decision won’t be popular among EW.com readers, many of whom thought one of the men should wind up on the chopping block.

”Scott, Anwar, and Anthony will most likely be in the bottom three,” wrote KRG. ”They clearly had the worst performances. On the upside, Jessica, Carrie and Vonzell were very good. The women can definitely outsing the men.” Jules agreed, writing, ”Scott and Anwar were ear-splittingly bad. One of them should go home. Or Fedorov, because I want him gone before Manilow night.” Still, a few savvy readers (including Elaine and LKD) predicted Jessica might be at risk.

Jessica’s companion in the bottom two was none other than Anwar Robinson. While many of you wanted Anwar to pay the price for his off-key rendition of the wretched R. Kelly tune ”I Believe I Can Fly,” your vitriol was diluted with a hint of longing to see the former front-runner get his groove back. SAH hated to put Anwar in the bottom three ”because I loved him in the beginning.”

Anwar and Jessica were joined by another early favorite, Nadia Turner — despite her steamy version of Melissa Etheridge’s ”I’m the Only One.” EW reader Charles worried that viewers might still be harboring bad memories of Turner’s ”FroHawk” from last week. ”It would be a shame to lose her over a bad hair day,” he wrote. Another poster, Mike, pointed out that Nadia was the only performer who picked a song that reflected the edgy sound of ’90s music.

But the lithe songbird has her share of detractors, too. ”The review here said, she owned the song,” Miles wrote. ”Unfortunately, she bought it at half the price of the original artist. She did not have the vocal prowess to carry it off.”

As varied as all of you are in your opinions, however, almost everyone seemed to agree that Paula’s behavior — a screeching mish-mash of slurred speech, angry outbursts, and outrageous non sequiturs — has grown increasingly bizarre as the season has progressed. But you were split as to whether or not the former Laker girl is providing good entertainment.

”When Paula told Constantine that it was his ‘best male performance’ I almost died laughing,” wrote Dan. ”Huh? I haven’t seen him give a ‘female performance’ yet.”

What do you think? Was Jessica’s problem vocal ability or likability? Can Anwar and Nadia get back on track? And what’s making Paula so jumpy?

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