Top 4 results: 'Hometown Hero' visits are on the line. Who will head home without a camera crew?

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By now we’re so used to seeing Amber Holcomb and her dad crying that I’m almost sorry they won’t be featured players in a weepy Hometown Heroes segment next week. But frankly, the 18-year-old was the weakest link of the Top 4 ladies and deserved to head home.

I have no idea how any of these contestants just start singing after Ryan dings the doom-tinged Liberty Bell on them. There were so many times I thought Amber was going to melt down at the beginning of Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You and Me,” but she got through it and even cranked out some power runs near the end. Of course once Ryan had brought her dad onstage, Amber lost wind and just hugged him, in tears.

I know it was sad for her, but it was marvelous as a TV moment. Results show tears are pretty much the only time I’m in favor of the masterful manipulation enacted on Idol. And this time Ryan’s pulling the strings!

Based on the past two weeks of performances, I don’t think anyone can argue that Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, and Angie Miller aren’t the most worthy top 3. For what it’s worth, voice of reason Jimmy Iovine called Candice “head and shoulders above the rest” in this week’s quick-hit assessment.

Now head home, ladies. Prepare to sob and be mobbed!

Last night’s guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. assured the audience that he and Randy Jackson were not still fighting. In fact, they’d gone to dinner! They fell asleep on the couch watching a movie! I love how Ryan jumped on these possible truths and piped in with his own: “That’s always the way it ends with Randy.” Whoa, Ryan, whoa! Anyway, to be honest, Harry’s “Every Man Should Know” nearly put me to sleep, but you know what? I was exhausted anyway. Who doesn’t love a lullaby? The man is really, really, really incredibly good-looking.

Wow, David Cook! Is now his time? I feel like now might be his time, even though he’s been pretty successful already. That performance of his new single “Laying Me Low” was upbeat, engaging, and cool without even trying. He looks great, too. Yo! I loved his leather shorts! Ha, no. But I’m digging Cookie’s vibe more than ever.

“You’re gonna cry. I did, and I don’t ever cry. That’s a lie. That rhymed a lot,” David joked to the Top 3.

Meanwhile, is like a 1920s Justin Timberlake impersonator from the future and season 4’s Constantine is still kickin’ it on Broadway.

Do you think the right girl went home tonight? And what makes you more excited: Next week’s performances or HOW MUCH YOU’RE GONNA CRY at the hometown visits?!

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