Awaiting the inevitable didn't last too long as C.J. gives an emotional (and expected) goodbye.

It’s Thursday night results extravaganza! Um — what? Ryan seems excited to get rid of one more contestant in this sluggish season I guess. With the results shows only a half hour, there isn’t much room for suspense, but the country and rock ‘n roll themed performances didn’t really leave much in question either. Again, the contestants pretty much did the same thing they do week after week and have yet to really challenge themselves.

After Dexter was sent home last week, it seems Alabama votes are not counting as much as they used to. Jessica Meuse and C.J. Harris were in the bottom two and C.J. was eliminated. There is a lot I could say about C.J., but the fact is, his time was up a long time ago. His constant pitch problems have always made me question how he got into the live shows in the first place, but I think it was that environment that really started to show his weaknesses as a performer. He’s a really nice guy though so at least he didn’t finish last.

Keith looked great in his suit, a “dare” from last week even though he wears suits all the time when he’s out with his wife Nic(ole) or the finale. He joked someone had told him tonight was the finale but let’s be honest, no one is ready for that yet. Harry had the great idea to suggest that all the judges wear Keith’s tight t-shirts next week (I approve) but I think that would cover up too much skin for J.Lo’s taste to be honest. She looked like an Oscar statuette tonight but I’m pretty sure we weren’t reminded of that one time Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar. Speaking of Idol alums that still matter, Carrie Underwood tweeted to Caleb and Jena about their performances last night of her two songs. Good to know Carrie is still following along with the competition. And of course she is watching, Bo Bice — how dare you question the woman who beat you into obscurity!

As we know by now, the stakes and carbs are always high for the contestants. To celebrate Caleb’s 23rd birthday, his delightful mom (loved the glasses) made dinner for the six. Sam admitted that going into the audience was scary (it showed) and of course, Caleb’s mic mishap moment was discussed again, but at least we had good, clear camera views of it this time. Caleb’s mom pointed out it was his tennis skills that allowed him to dive down to his knees like that. Maybe Serena Williams should be a mentor next week to teach the contestants a thing or two about commanding attention. But leave the balls (and angry outbursts) at home please! Caleb blew out his birthday candles and we can all but assume his wish was probably to win. Or at least that’s what Ryan assumes.

Grumpy Cat was back and the dawg Randy predicted both Jessica and C.J. were in trouble. Once C.J. was eliminated, things got pretty emotional pretty fast. But then when they started playing C.J.’s best moments this season, heavy emotion (and heavy tears) have always been involved. I know it doesn’t matter, but the emotion obviously got in the way for him to sing his last song. Luckily the backup singers, and of course Keith singing along as usual, kept the music going as the finalists all got together in a big group hug on stage around C.J. This is when you say “Awww”

As long as Jason Mraz stays unbiased with his coffee mate Alex as the mentor next week, I think he’ll do a good job. Again the theme (America’s Choice) pretty much means anything, pretty much like every other theme so far so who knows what we will actually be hearing.

What do you think of the results? Discuss in the comments below!

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