Daughtry performs and the judges finally use their save on Sam. Cue confetti.

By Jake Perlman
Updated April 04, 2014 at 02:18 AM EDT

Going back to the start seemed to treat the American Idol finalists pretty well this week, as everyone had some pretty solid performances. Ryan reminded us that the save was still alive, and for only two more weeks! Would tonight be the night for the judges to finally make a unanimous decision?

You betcha, papi! J.Lo happily announced the the three judges all decided to save Sam Woolf. Sam has been in the bottom a couple of times already and hasn’t fully embraced the idea of being a teen heartthrob yet, which would have cost him the competition already if the judges didn’t step in. Sam was joined in the bottom by Malaya Watson and C.J. Harris.

Surprisingly, the magic screen of wonders revealed that Dexter was the first one saved. It’s kind of weird watching the contestants watch the screen so when it’s their big moment, usually their mouths are wide open in fear/anticipation. Jena always seems surprised when she gets saved, which is good to see, since her humble attitude seems to be taking her to the top of the leaderboard.

In a “fun” attempt at cross-promotion, we also got to hear some of the contestants’ driving memories while riding in a Ford Mustang. Jessica revealed that she use to drive with a teddy bear in her car because he wouldn’t judge her, and Caleb apparently likes to make out for three hours and get some pizza. Sounds like a great combination to me! And I’m talking about the teddy bear and pizza. Sam said that driving didn’t inspire him artistically, which wasn’t a surprise because he doesn’t really have an answer for much except “I don’t know”

Hey, Sam: Have a little fun! Don’t you think if you loosen up a bit, maybe you wouldn’t get the least amount of votes? And if you are reading this, don’t you dare say “I don’t know” in your head. But congrats otherwise!

It’s always nice to see someone like Chris Daughtry perform on the American Idol stage, a true rock star who doesn’t need the Idol tag anymore to achieve success or fame. His performance got Harry on his feet, so he wins. This was also Chris’ second appearance this season, after serving as a mentor for Randy Jackson’s workshop with the top 30. I’d love to see a Chris/Caleb duet for the finale if/when Caleb gets there. A solid hat-trick performance of Daughtry for season 13 sounds nice to me.

So, now that the save is out, there are no more second chances. Do you think the judges made the right decision?

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