Pia Toscano, Jessica Sanchez, and Allison Iraheta give Jennifer Lopez a vocal boost; who got eliminated?

By Annie Barrett
Updated March 21, 2014 at 02:37 AM EDT

No save! “It is not unanimous — it breaks our heart but we had to decide it,” Harry offered this week’s eliminated singer, M.K. Nobilette. She technically gave one of her best performances to date on her save-me song, John Legend’s “All of Me.” But that doesn’t really mean anything when so many of her other performances had been lackluster and riddled with errors. The first openly gay Idol contestant (at least the first to announce it during his or her run on the show) had a unique tone to her voice, but too often her passion didn’t translate on the stage.

Majesty Rose and Dexter Roberts joined M.K. in the official bottom three.

Pretty sparse results show tonight! Lots of talk of sliders. Mmmmmmm. Food. Dexter’s bottom three placement was a surprise, and kudos to Ryan for forever ruining the song “Cruise” for him by saying, “Dexter, you are going to cruise….. to the stools.”

Meanwhile — quickest costume change of her life! — Jennifer Lopez treated us all to a live (and when I say live, I do mean dancing/knocking the water out of her ears, not singing) sparkle explosion via her new single, “I Luh Ya Papi.” I’ve decided it is way more embarrassing to speak the title of that song out loud than to just bite the bullet and type it. Moments ago I’d put myself in the unfortunate position of having to verbally confirm to my recapping buddy Katie Atkinson that instead of love, it’s spelled luh. L-U-H.

But typing it eliminates that shame spiral. You just type it out once and it’s over. That’s just how it’s spelled. It’s not your fault. Pretty hot tip from Annie Barrett this week.

Look at her, redefining the farmer’s tuxedo, Bronx-style. Somebody had to!

And this was awesome (pictured, top): At the start of the performance, for the a cappella chit-chat and non-lip-synced portion of the song, J. Lo’s backup singers were none other than American Idol alums Pia Toscano (season 10), Jessica Sanchez (season 11), and Allison Iraheta (season 8)!!! LOVED THAT. Luh’ed it. Just don’t read that out loud! It’s cool.

Harry chose New Orleans band Royal Teeth for tonight’s Tastemakers Showcase, which I really feel should be sponsored by Tastykake so that it’d seem more overall worthwhile. They were just okay with sort of tinny vocals on their single “Wild,” but suddenly the real mechanics of the song kicked in and they totally won me over with their confetti. Who doesn’t love confetti?! Keith Urban was on board and on his feet.

I liked when Keith tried to get Seacrest to sing, and Ryan was like, “I know I’m not six foot, and I know I can’t sing.” Keith reminded him, “The night is young….” What did he mean by that? Growth spurt?! Singing lessons? It’s all possible on the Idol stage! As long as you’re already wealthy.

Are you upset about M.K.’s elimination tonight? Did you think the judges would use the save?


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