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September 26, 2017 at 11:13 PM EDT

American Horror Story

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We gave it a B+

As with Harrison, Kai finds Beverly at her lowest: humiliated at work (where her status as the network’s only black reporter is the only reason she hasn’t been fired), she’s taking out her aggressions on her lecherous boss’s tires. But Kai thinks she can do better, and dream bigger. In fact, Kai thinks that Beverly’s reporting is the key to spreading fear across the country like a virus, leveraging its power to change the world. (Kai is also an Iraq war vet and an Ivy league grad with a double major in poli sci and feminist studies, which is probably this season’s biggest twist yet.) Cue the first ever appearance of the show’s murderous gang of clowns, who stab Serena Belinda and her cameraman to death while she’s filming a segment about a pet adoption event. With her professional nemesis out of the way, Beverly is all in — and with three believers under his wing, Kai is only just getting started.

That said, let’s not forget that this episode began with the AHS version of Chekhov’s gun, which roughly states that if your cold open includes a guy with a freshly severed limb, you’ve gotta explain what happened before the end credits roll. Thus we go back in time again to the days before the election, when that man still had two hands and rudely used one of them to sexually assault Ivy at a political rally. Before you ask: No, she didn’t chop his hand off. (Too obvious. Would’ve been cool, though!) But she did make friends with a fellow protester, and here’s where the plot thickens: Winter Anderson and Ivy Mayfair-Richards not only knew each other before the election, but collaborated together on a little voter-suppression project, in the form of Tasing and handcuffing the groper (whose patented TV-creepster name is “Gary”) to the wall in the grocery basement. Not forever, of course; they’re not murderers! They’ll make sure he goes free…after the election is over.

Gary, who evidently takes his civic responsibility to vote far more seriously than his civic responsibility not to grab strangers’ genitals, is outraged. But fortunately for Gary, Winter is incapable of keeping a secret, and Kai finds him shortly before the polls close. He’s got a small hacksaw with him, which won’t cut through the pipe or the handcuffs…but it’ll cut through, ahem, other things. It all comes down to this, Kai says: How badly does Gary want to pull that lever for Donald Trump?

Obviously, it was not necessary to show this next part (and side note, clearly they should’ve handcuffed Gary’s penis to the pipe instead of a body part he had multiples of). But this show isn’t called American Horror Story for nothing, folks, and so we linger for a nice long time on the sight of Gary sawing at his arm, and screaming, and sawing some more, like a true American patriot.

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