And the first contestants sent home are...

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America’s Got Talent brought out a big gun for their first live results show with a special performance by OMI. And by “big gun” I mean clogged water pistol. OMI’s “Cheerleader” may be this summer’s anthem, but you’d never know it thanks to his lack of energy and enthusiasm. Blame it on nerves or a poor sound system. In the end, it was no “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

After a hasty recap of what went on less than 24-hours ago, Nick is quick to share that the sweet children of round one are in the danger zone. Alondra, Samantha, and The Gentleman must face each other in the live Dunkin’ Save. Howard is furious that his girl Samantha is in the middle of the pack. He threatens to fashion an AGT police force because America GOT IT WRONG. Tweeters unite!

Heidi is equally irritated. She’s been singing Alondra’s contagious “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” all day long. So have the rest of the contestants. America must be insane.

While Howard and Heidi sulk, Nick summons Piff and Triple Threat to the center of the stage. He dramatically pauses way too long for this particular face-off. The boy band is sent home as Piff analyzes the audience with a look of contempt. Howie loves this guy. I’m on the fence. Does Mr. Piffles look sedated to anyone else?

Contortionist Vita is pit against folk singer Benton. It’s the stay-at-home dad for the win. Everyone is so emotional that NBC has to roll tape on the “life is so good since I was on AGT” montage. Last season’s winner Mat Franco is invited back to the stage to remind season 10 what a magical act really looks like. He entertains with nothing but two paper tubes, a wine glass, and one wine bottle that miraculously turns into 10 bottles by the end of the act. I feel we all deserve a pat on the back for voting so wisely last year!

Nick returns to shove people into the spotlight of potential doom. This time it’s dance crew Siro-A and acrobats Craig and Micheline. No surprise here—Siro-A is on to the next round.

There are only three acts left on the stage. With seven advancing to the next round, elementary math dictates that Drew Lynch, Paul Zerdin, and ShowProject should all be jumping up and down with glee. But that’s not the case. Drew and Paul are given green lights and ShowProject is sent home. Returning to my basic arithmetic skills, it looks like TWO of the Dunkin’ Donuts will be saved.

Samantha wins by a long-shot. She cries and Howard breathes a sigh of relief. Now it’s up to the judges to squash the dreams of some very cute kids. It’s enough to make Mel B. want to hurl. She holds it together long enough to vote for Alondra, along with Heidi. Howie goes rogue and gives his vote to The Gentlemen. It’s all in Howard’s hands now. With Heidi by his side, and in his ear, there’s no denying the bidi, bidi, bom, bom. Alondra is safe!

Next week, 12 more acts take the stage to duke it out for a spot in the semi-finals. Who will advance? Who will be sent home? And who is going to give my number to the cute guy from ShowProject?

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