Rudy goes undercover to help the team take down a cop-killing drug dealer

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December 03, 2013 at 08:40 AM EST

Welcome back to the Almost Human recaps!

After last week’s rather lackluster Die Hard rip off, er, homage, it’s nice to see the show getting back to the sci-fi tropes that made the first two episodes so enjoyable. And what’s more sci-fi than the focus of this episode — futuristic designer drugs! Plus, android-on-android brawling and Mackenzie Crook in a fedora.

Let’s get into the recap!

Last week’s preview revealed that Rudy (Mackenzie Crook) would be going undercover, and the episode smartly kicks off with the lanky robot tech right in the thick of it. We find Rudy looking awfully nervous in a lab that isn’t his own. He takes off, and is pursued by some armed bad guys. Rudy takes a bullet to the arm, and things look rough as the bad guys draw near…

We then flashback 24 hours earlier to find John enjoying some Japanese cuisine as Dorian waits impatiently. (While John’s taste for ramen is a nice nod to Blade Runner, it doesn’t need to be constantly called back. Can he get a new quirk, please?) Our heroes banter about dining etiquette,  leading to a funny moment where the chef serves John a live slug. John protests that it isn’t cooked (apparently in the future cooked slugs are a delicacy, so look forward to that) but refuses to lose face to Dorian and downs the slimy sucker.

Meanwhile, Trevor Cooper, an undercover cop posing as a drug dealer, calls his wife on his video hand phone, which is easily my favorite futuristic gadget on the show thus far. It seems perfectly reasonable that by 2048 we’ll all have smartphone chips embedded in our hands that can be used to call a loved one or order takeout with a mere swipe of the palm. Cooper and his drug cook are looking to set up a distribution deal with The Bishop, a shad0wy big time dealer. Cooper offers a sample of his green liquid drug to The Bishop’s android, who drinks it and notes that it’s 84% pure. (Just like Lydia on Breaking Bad, The Bishop is a stickler for purity.) Things quickly turn sour when The Bishop kills the drug cook and finds a wire embedded in Cooper’s stomach. Turns out Cooper is an undercover cop, and as you can imagine, he doesn’t get out of this scene alive.

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