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May 18, 2016 at 03:11 AM EDT

Hellfire takes on Lincoln, who manages to take him down, but not before Lincoln is distracted by Daisy (the real Daisy!) and Hellfire uses a ball of fire to injure him. Mortally wounded, Lincoln is dragged away by Simmons and Fitz, who try to save him, though they kind of know nothing can be done. Daisy shares a moment with Lincoln, apologizing for the way she treated him, but Lincoln understands. I know a lot of people have reservations about Lincoln and Daisy, but I’m not going to lie: The conversation makes me emotional. What can I say, Marvel makes me emotional. Coulson has one plan left to stop “Hive the Terrible.” He’s remotely set the quinjet on new coordinates to outer space, so if they can steal the warhead and get it onto the quinjet, it’ll explode away from harm. (Never let it be said Coulson didn’t learn from Tony Stark’s selfless sacrifice in 2012!) Lincoln notices Daisy is wearing the necklace and remembers her vision and begs her not to go, but obviously she doesn’t listen.

The group takes on the remaining Primatives (along with Mack and his Shotgun Ax of Awesome), and it’s just such a treat to see all the agents fighting and working as a team. How far we’ve come! Mack realizes Hive went for Daisy, who is moving the warhead into the quinjet with her powers. Daisy says this is her purpose, but Hive isn’t concerned about her sacrifice. He can manually override the controls because Ward is still in his memories. But wait, there’s ANOTHER spy on the inside: Lincoln, who despite his injury, has managed to short the manual controls and get in the quinjet. He blasts Daisy out of the quinjet, who realizes she doesn’t have her necklace anymore as Lincoln flies away.

You know what happens to people in Marvel shows/movies who sacrifice themselves by flying planes into the abyss while saying goodbye to their loved ones, right? Daisy gets on the comm just like Peggy Carter did so many years ago and begs him not to do this, even when Lincoln tells her THIS is his purpose as an Inhuman: to save the girl he loves. And so Lincoln tells her he loves her before the comms short out and the jet explodes, killing both Hive and Lincoln. The world has been saved, and Daisy is left in an emotionally distraught mess. Speaking of being an emotionally distraught mess, this feels like unnecessary torture, especially after Civil War’s Peggy Carter story line. (Also, did I mention Marvel really likes making people fly into outer space to sacrifice themselves when there’s some sort of bomb involved?)

“So what now?” Simmons asks after the team finds Daisy and realizes what happened. Well, that remains to be seen…next season. Six months later, Coulson and Mack are staking out a meeting between a young girl and a mother while newspaper headlines proclaim that massive quakes are being caused by a person, not nature. Daisy — hooded, goth-like, clearly in hiding — shows up and gives the girl a wooden bird. This is Robin, Charlie’s daughter, and apparently Daisy gave the family money, too…and directed them to her father, Cal (or at least the line about the person that worked with animals suggested as much). Coulson orders Mack (and “units”) to move, and they pursue Daisy, who disappears. When Coulson mentions they struck out again, Mack’s answer is to ask where they’ll be assigned.

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So, we can infer that maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone for real…perhaps given to Talbot? Or did Coulson step down as Director after everything that happened? Is Coulson now hunting Daisy for a reason — to bring her home? Or is he part of another master plan because she turned against them again? Where’s Elena, and is she still BFFs with Mack? Where’s May? Are Fitz and Simmons enjoying their vacation and “snorkeling”? Why do we have to wait until September for answers?

But we don’t end there. Radcliffe is back to being a happy scientist in a spiffy lab. He’s still kind of obsessed with Fitz and Simmons but apparently has been working with them, though Fitz isn’t there to celebrate with him today because according to his A.I., “he’s “organizing a surprise for Jemma.” What’s Radcliffe celebrating? A project: L.M.D. Phase 1.

Life Model Decoy, everyone. We don’t see the person Radcliffe has created, but we do assume it’s going to play a big part next season.

Debriefing Notes:

  • “Everytime I see his face, I want to punch something.” —May, who is never getting over her anger
  • “Like betting on WrestleMania stupid.” —Talbot on sending Inhumans in for Hive
  • “I’m going to do something with you on that island that will take your breath away.” (Cue every FitzSimmons shipper holding their breath along with Fitz.) “Snorkling!” Jemma Simmons is a gift.
  • Simmons: “What happened?” Elena: “Mack lit me on fire.” I am HERE for this relationship. This is exactly how I like my OTPs, you guys.
  • “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Not only was this a good line, but it parallels the midseason finale, when Coulson landed on the planet and made the joke about Tatooine.
  • Could…Fitz and Simmons have had a real, genuine happy ending with potentially no horrible things happening? I think pigs are flying, but I’m so happy. I hope they’re on a plane to the Seychelles by now.
  • Radcliffe theories: In the comics, Radcliffe is a businessman who is intent on the idea of creating super soldiers out of androids. One of his scientists went rogue and created an A.I. named A.D.A.M.: Autonomously Decisive Automated Mechanism. (The A.I. here is a girl, but that means nothing.) So does this mean we’re getting A.D.A.M.? (Does this mean I have to keep typing out acronyms?) This show likes to mess up comic history a bit, so I don’t think they’ll follow this story line to the letter but I’d wager it’s a good guess.
  • Also, L.M.D.s are a big part of the Secret Warriors comics. 
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Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) assembles a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases.
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