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It’s all led to this. In true Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fashion, the third season finale wrapped up story lines, introduced new mysteries, and said goodbye to some important characters, paving the way for a new direction in season 4. We’re not entirely done with Inhumans, but it’s safe to say they probably won’t be as big of a deal next season, and there’s definitely going to be a new Big Bad to contend with. So we might as well dive into this recap, eh?

We start on the Blue Area of the Moon, where Daisy and Coulson are in the containment unit. Coulson is asking how long they think they can survive here. “We’re the last ones,” he says as Daisy (who is wearing Elena’s cross) tries to fix a device to get them home. Is this real life? Or just a fantasy? (It’s a dream. Or a premonition. Or the show screwing with us.)

In actual real life, May and Mack and Elena and Lincoln are on a jet flying to where Hive is holed up with the missile. Daisy is stuck in a containment unit and she’s feeling pretty messed up after Hive’s mind control. She’s upset that she hurt people, but right now, the team’s got bigger things to worry about. Like, you know…this missile. With Hive, they’re up against everyone who he’s ever been, which makes things difficult. And also, Simmons doesn’t know what “absolution” means, and Daisy doesn’t know, either, so they can’t make much progress. May and the team infiltrate the island from the water in stealth mode while Talbot tries to get the kill code for the missile. Only problem is, it has to be hand delivered by a Department of Defense official, and he can’t get it without cutting red tape. But Fitz does some super awesome vocal capture work, tracing the call and basically green screens himself as Gen. Andaz. He makes a video with Talbot to send to Secretary Thomas where he says they have someone from the ATCU coming to get the codes in person.

Enter Coulson, who gets into the defense logistics building. May and her team are trying to get the uplink so Coulson can input the code in time, and the code that Coulson has is…well, uh. It’s complicated. I am admittedly lukewarm on Phil Coulson but I have mad respect for the fact that he can rattle off those numbers and letters so damn quickly. The team manages to stop the missile just in time, and oh boy, Hive is PISSED. He forces Radcliffe to fix the missile despite the fact Radcliffe has no knowledge about that whatsoever.

May’s team is still trying to get the hostages out of Hive’s base while Mack and Elena are trying to make sure Hive doesn’t get far. When Mack tries to give her the cross back, Elena won’t take it. (Maybe she’s less sentimental and pissed at his “turtle speed.” We can’t all be super, Elena.) An angry Hive runs into Lincoln and talks about Daisy to draw him out. Personally, I don’t think Lincoln going after Hive is so smart, but Lincoln gets him to engage enough so that he can lead Hive to Mack and Elena, who, along with Lincoln, manage to electrocute Hive’s brain in an attempt to fry his memories. It seems to work somewhat: Hive is definitely off the charts as his memories of all the people he’s inhabited go haywire at the same time: We see Malick’s brother, Ward, Will. (He even remembers Ward’s specific memories, like pushing FitzSimmons into the ocean back in season 1.) He attempts to come back to himself by repeating “I want connection,” which makes Giyera and Hellfire uneasy because their boss is completely losing it. He does manage some info, though: “We need to disconnect the warhead for absolution.”


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Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) assembles a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to handle strange new cases.
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