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It’s the fall finale of A Million Little Things so you know s— is about to go down. I might also suggest having some tissues on hand. Got ’em? Belted in? Okay, let’s recap. (Read EW’s postmortem with creator DJ Nash here.)

We pick things up right after the events of last week’s episode where both Delilah and P.J. found out that Jon was P.J.’s dad. Delilah is taking it hard. She’s screening calls from Gina and sobbing in her driveway. P.J. is taking it even worse. He hasn’t been home in 12 hours and his parents are losing their minds with worry. He goes over to Delilah’s and they look at old photos of Jon together. She gives him an old watch of her late husband’s and calls him family. D doesn’t think that Jon knew P.J. was his son because he was a good dad and would have wanted to be involved if he did. She encourages P.J. to talk to his parents so he lets Rome drive him over there. When P.J. gets home, he’s furious at his parents for lying to him his whole life and confronts his dad. Mitch says he didn’t know Jon was his father and tries to tell him it was David, Jon’s best friend. P.J. thinks Barbara lied to him too and storms out. Poor Mitch; it’s brutal for him.

Elsewhere, Maggie hasn’t heard from Oxford about the fellowship, but sadly that isn’t stopping Gary from doing a really bad Cockney accent. She also can’t find her passport and is searching the entire apartment for it. Since Gary still hasn’t told her he lost his job, he pretends to go to the office and when he leaves her alone, she finds an engagement ring. While Gary spends his day helping the old lady, Enid — whose dog he stole — with household tasks (by the way, she knows that dog’s not hers but loves it anyway), Eddie calls and asks him to help with the Delilah/Eddie/Katherine/Charlie situation, so that they can avoid getting lawyers involved.

Down at the restaurant, Maggie goes to see Gina for advice about the ring she found, but when Delilah shows up and is still mad at Gina for keeping the P.J. thing from her, they get into a fight. To make matters better, Gary, Katherine, and Eddie also arrive. Gary brought them all there to resolve this whole “tell the truth about Charlie’s paternity” thing. He tells them all they need to try harder to talk and also lets it slip that Eddie and Katherine are considering legal action, much to D’s horror. Poor Gary is left to explain to them all that everyone wants the best for their own family and he wants that too — for his family, a.k.a. all of them. He’s stood by them all, spending so much of his time helping everyone through their s— that he lost his job, but he’d do it all over again if it meant keeping them together. He can get another job, but can’t get another family. Everyone is crying.

Back at Rome and Gina’s place, the former and P.J. are hanging out on the roof. P.J. feels good about the truth being out and is excited about his new family. Those feelings don’t last long when his mom and Mitch show up at Rome’s place to tell him the truth. The sweater that P.J. stole from D’s place, thinking it was Jon’s, originally belonged to David — Jon’s best friend, Barbara’s ex and yes, P.J.’s real father. Those hairs they found on the sweater and got tested were actually David’s. (Apparently, they’d sat there intact for 18 long years?!) Anyway, P.J. was a perfect match with David, not Jon.

It’s too much for P.J. and he breaks down crying up on the roof. He feels so alone and doesn’t know who he is. He was really clinging onto the fact that Jon also suffered from depression as a reason for his own suffering, but now he knows it isn’t genetic, he’s at breaking point. He edges closer and closer to the roof’s edge. Rome tries to talk him down and sneakily calls Gina, secretly putting the phone on speaker, so she, Maggie, Barbara, and Mitch can all hear the conversation. They all rush upstairs but Maggie stops them from going outside, knowing it’ll only escalate things. P.J. feels like he’s lost his family, but Rome tells him he is his family. P.J. gets up on the ledge and Rome joins him there. He tells the teen about his own suicide attempt a year ago. Rome tells him he’s here for him, they all are, and that he will not lose him. P.J. cries and finally steps down from the ledge. Rome grabs him in a hug and tells him over and over that he has him. Once they all regroup downstairs, P.J.’s parents decide to take him to see a specialist that Maggie has arranged, and Barb cries and tells him she should’ve told him the truth sooner. Overhearing them, Delilah realizes she has to be honest too and goes over to Eddie and Katherine’s to give them the signed forms that state Eddie is Charlie’s father. D is terrified of how her kids will react and Katherine says they’ll handle it as a family.

Over at Gary and Maggie’s, Maggie tells her boyfriend she found the ring. Gary explains he got it for her when she was sick, when he wasn’t sure if she was going to survive. Maggie is visibly relieved and that hurts Gary’s feelings. He asks her if when she was in the hospital and told him she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, did she say that because she thought the rest of her life was only going to be 6 months? She admits she doesn’t know. Maggie thinks he still acts like she still has cancer. She knows he gave her a life that she didn’t think she was going to have and she’s not saying she doesn’t want to spend it with him, but she doesn’t know what that life is yet. She needs to figure out what she is. Gary thinks that’s her being unwilling to commit. But she reiterates that it’s about needing to know who she is without cancer. He tells her while she’s doing that, maybe he needs to figure out who he is without her. He wants her to want them the way she used to, but she doesn’t so she should just go. Maggie packs and breaks down in tears while Gary heads out to a bar where he meets a woman and leaves with her. Eric comes over to help Maggie with her boxes and receives a call from a friend while he’s there. He tells the person on the other end of the phone that he’s going to tell Maggie something but now’s not the right time. Maggie gets a call too, telling her she didn’t get the fellowship at Oxford.

We wrap up this emotional fall finale with Gina telling Rome how proud she is of how he behaved with P.J. today. Now she’s seen his example of how to be there for someone and save them, she wants to do the same thing. They’re going to adopt a baby! Meanwhile, D has to tell her kids the truth about another baby. She sits Sophie and Danny down to tell them about her affair with Eddie. The dialogue is muted out, but both kids get up and walk away from the table pretty quickly. Over at Katherine and Eddie’s house, they’re about to do the same with Theo, when they hear smashing noises coming from their garden shed. Eddie goes out with a golf club, closely followed by Katherine and Theo (why?!) to discover Sophie violently smashing up all of Eddie’s guitars. She tells Eddie that she hates him.

A P.S.A for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ran after the episode. If you or someone you know needs help, please call 1-800-273-8255.

You have a few weeks to recover from all of that. See you back here in the new year!

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