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Once more we pick up this week’s episode of A Million Little Things exactly where we left off last week’s installment, so if you thought you were going to be spared experiencing the most awkward breakfast ever, sorry but nope! Let’s tuck in.

Maggie’s mom Patricia and the enigmatic Eric (Jason Ritter) chat nervously on the couch while Maggie slices bagels with the conviction of a serial killer disposing of bodily remains. Eric tells Patricia he only agreed to be there because she promised she was going to come clean to Maggie. So when they sit down to their breakfast of burnt bagels, Patricia fesses up: Eric has Maggie’s brother’s heart. “Wait, what?!” I hear you cry. Let’s hear the explanation. Turns out, unlike what Maggie’s mom originally told her, her brother Chad didn’t die instantly when his car collided with the tree. He was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to traumatic brain injuries after his mother had made the decision to donate his organs and say her goodbyes. She lied to Maggie because she didn’t want her daughter to know her brother suffered. Eric looks super uncomfortable, but Patricia explains that he makes her feel better, like Chad is still with them. Maggie, on the other hand, is distraught over this discovery and storms out into the, um, storm. When Gary attempts to run after her — not without first grabbing an umbrella — she’s really upset about her mom’s lie and feels like she needs to bury Chad all over again.

From one awkward morning routine to another! At Katherine and Eddie’s place, they’re getting Theo ready for school when he reminds his mom they’re stopping by Delilah’s on the way to drop off a baby gift. He insists his mom go too so they’re all a family — oh, if only he knew how much of a family they really are. When they get there, Rome is present too, acting as babysitter for the day while Delilah goes back to work for the first time since the birth. Rome makes a bunch of awkward comments and asks Eddie to join him looking after the baby for the day. Katherine tells him he should stay too, but looks devastated when she watches Eddie cuddle the baby while Theo plays the guitar and sings to his little-sister-he-doesn’t-know-is-his-little-sister. Luckily for Katherine, her sassy assistant has some words of wisdom for her when she gets to work, telling her that the Katherine he knows doesn’t try to make things work — she just does them. He advises her to be all-in or not in at all. Back at D’s place, Eddie falls deeper for his daughter and regrets the fact he has to leave her at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, down at the restaurant, Gina is trying to save money on her seafood orders and is altogether stressed and overwhelmed when she realizes how few reservations they have for that night. Delilah has to keep reminding her that they’re partners and she has just as much to lose as Gina. Just then, the power goes out and panic ensues as they scramble to get all the meat and fresh produce into the fridge and freezer. But when a random construction worker pops in to see if he can take shelter from the rain, Gina changes her tune and gets to work fixing him a feast while she reminisces about family meals with the staff at the first restaurant she ever worked at. She then tells the construction worker to invite the rest of his crew to eat too. When word gets out they’re the only place open in the storm, the restaurant fills up to the point they have to push tables together to make room and Gina and Delilah decide to make family-style dining a regular thing. Lovely!

But outside in the rain…Maggie wanders around phoneless — Gary finds her cell still at their place — while Gary talks to Patricia about her lie. Turns out she didn’t leave her husband. Rather, he couldn’t understand why she was so invested in Eric and gave her an ultimatum: Eric or their marriage. Eric’s all, oh boy what is happening here and heads out, only to conveniently drive by Maggie moments later. He picks her up and they go for a drink. He apologizes and Maggie explains that her family was never the same after Chad died; her mom walled herself off from everyone. Eric tells Maggie that the first time Patricia wrote him was right after Maggie got sick and that the only reason she reached out was that she was terrified of losing her daughter too. He says grief has a way of making people do crazy things, which leads Maggie to question who he’s lost. Turns out his fiancée died while traveling on the back of a rented motorcycle he was driving. It’s clear he blames himself for her death, but before he gets to expound further, he’s interrupted by a text from Patricia telling him she’s going back home. Maggie rushes to the airport, where Gary has just dropped Patricia off. He watches as mother tells daughter how much Eric’s presence in her life has helped, but when ‘Tricia lets it slips that she met him for the first time when she was in town for Maggie’s surgery, Maggie is upset. Maggie now thinks that was the only reason her mom was even in town. Patricia explains that every time she goes into a hospital she thinks about Chad, and Maggie is hurt her mom couldn’t even focus on her on the day she could’ve died. Maggie runs off and Gary goes after her, stopping short when he sees her in Eric’s arms. She pulls away when she spots her boyfriend.

After a car ride during which Maggie declines to share what went down with her mom, she and Gary arrive at the restaurant. They’re closely followed by Katherine, which causes Rome to start gibbering nervously again. It’s annoying. Katherine deserves so much better on so many levels. Gary makes a joke about only having one nipple to diffuse the tension and Katherine pulls him aside to thank him for his support. She opens up, telling him she feels ashamed for leaving Theo but she couldn’t let him see her like that. Gary tells her that his mom left him when he was Theo’s age too, but the difference is Katherine came back. They hug and then she goes to talk to D, who tells her she wants Katherine and Eddie to make it, which means they’re going to be in each others’ lives forever and need to find a way to make it work. As a peace offering — and because Katherine is just better than anyone else — Katherine gives D forms to sign that ensure she keeps her house. Eddie, the lucky bastard, thanks his wife while over at the bar, Gary reads a text on Maggie’s phone before giving it back to her. He’s a little cool with her as he brushes her off and goes to talk to Delilah instead. Maggie reads the text from Eric telling her he’s there if she ever needs to talk again.

And that’s where we leave the gang for another week! If you guessed that Eric was an organ recipient then wow, you win! There is no prize other than knowing that you know this show far too well. Until next week…

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