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It’s time for another eventful installment of A Million Little Things, with heartache, parenting, and popcorn. Let’s get into it.

Gina and Rome go to an ultrasound with their birth mom, Eve. When asked if they want to know the baby’s sex, they do but Eve doesn’t, which, fair. On they way home, they’re about to drop Eve off at the diner where she works when she spots her abusive ex-boyfriend’s car and freaks out. Rome neatly swerves out of the way and they head back to Rome and Gina’s place to come up with a plan now that he’s tracked Eve down. She’s terrified he’ll find her there, and to illustrate how terrible he is, she opens up about the moment he threw boiling water on her and she decided to leave. Eve asks Rome to go to her place and get her go-bag so she can leave town, but they tell her she can’t keep running. Eve doesn’t want Derek to know she’s pregnant because he’ll use the baby as a way to be connected to her forever. Rome and Gina don’t know what to do. Gina thinks they can’t make this decision for her and have to respect her boundaries. While Rome heads out to get Eve’s stuff, Gina opens up about her own abuse and the two women bond some more. When Rome returns, they decide they can’t let her go, that they need to protect her, so they talk to Wendy at the women’s shelter and all agree that that’s the safest place for Eve to live while they get a restraining order in place. Katherine comes over to help with that for free, because she’s the best, and Rome and Gina hook Eve up with a job at the restaurant too.

Meanwhile, Gary is dealing with his anxiety over Maggie attending her six-month cancer scan by doing odd jobs around Delilah’s house. He also ends up chaperoning a sleepover Danny’s having with Elliot when Maggie calls Delilah and asks her to come sit with her while she gets her results. Danny’s devastated because Elliot’s family is moving away, but Gary makes popcorn laced with hot sauce and tells him to focus on tonight, not what’s coming next. Gary almost texts Maggie to see how her results went, but deletes it because doesn’t think it’s his place. At the hospital, Maggie tells Delilah she spent so much time trying to wrap her head around having the rest of her life to live, but she realizes she only gets to have it for six months at a time. She wants to call Gary, but they’re not in that space right now. She says if they’re going to find a way to just be friends, cancer can’t be part of it, but asks D to text and let Gary know she’s okay. Gary cries with relief reading the text. The next morning he wakes up wrapped in Sophie’s sleeping bag, which just so happens to have a bunch of joints in it — cue a fun convo with Delilah, just when she was feeling better about her parenting skills after Sophie moved back in. Later, Maggie winds up calling Gary. She tells him she should’ve texted but wanted to respect his boundaries. He’s glad she called and tells her living six months to six months gets easier. After a night spent sleeping on the couch and holding hands, Danny and Elliot have an emotional goodbye and Elliot gives Danny a token from the first time they hung out at the arcade. It’s all very cute.

Someone who’s being less cute this week is Theo. He is initially very excited to sit in on a rehearsal with Eddie and the new chick he’s helping write songs, Dakota. But when it appears Eddie and Dakota are having too much fun joking around, Theo gets mad and storms out. Later, he’s super-rude to Dakota and Eddie calls him out on it, but he tells his dad he doesn’t like her and is worried that Eddie’s going to have a baby with her too. Damn. Katherine and Eddie decide they need to give him more context on what happened between Eddie and Delilah. They decide to do it together that night at “tuck-in,” but when it comes to bedtime Theo freezes Eddie out, saying he doesn’t want to “do cuddles” with him tonight. Katherine therefore gets the fun job of explaining to her son that men and women can just be friends alone. Theo tells his mom he just doesn’t want her to have to go to the Grand Canyon again. Upset, Eddie says he’ll tell the label he can’t work with Dakota but Katherine tells him no, there’s always going to be another Dakota. She just wasn’t prepared for how the affair was going to affect Theo, but now realizes it will always be part of their story. The next morning, Eddie reads Theo the vows he wrote for Katherine on their wedding day. He realizes he hasn’t stuck to his vows, something he’s not proud of but wants Theo to know won’t ever happen again because he saw how Theo looked at him differently after what he did. Now he hopes he can convince Theo to give him another chance. Luckily for Eddie, Theo can. Another week, another Theo crisis averted!

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