By Ruth Kinane
January 30, 2020 at 11:00 PM EST
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This week’s episode of A Million Little Things is all about parenting — whether it’s sleep training a newborn, teaching a teen some hard lessons, or just generally trying to prevent Gary from derailing his life, this show’s got it all covered.

We kick things off with Gina and Rome making a video to send to the adoption agency that will, hopefully, demonstrate why they’ll make great parents and deserve a child to adopt. Seventeen takes and some notes from director Rome later, they get it right, but then realize Sophie has been sitting munching cornflakes in the background while they filmed so they’ll have to redo. Soph’s cereal eating is about to be the least of their woes when it comes to the teen. That evening she invites a friend over to “study” and the two of them get wasted on wine in the apartment building’s common room. While Sophie spews up her guts in the bathroom, Rome calls Delilah — who’s struggling to sleep train Charlie and currently keeping her from napping by blaring “Who Let the Dogs Out?” — to inform her. Despite being told Rome and Gina have it handled, D shows up at their apartment anyway. Gina won’t let her in, telling her friend that she and Soph need to reset their relationship and if she comes running, it won’t work.

Sophie isn’t the only one acting childish. Gary wakes up at a random’s house after another one night stand and finds himself stranded without any charge left in his phone. He heads to a nearby coffee shop to ask them to charge his phone for him, but they insist he buy something first and he doesn’t have any cash on him. Luckily (or really not), Eric happens to walk in right then and offers to pay for him. Eric apologizes to Gary about how everything went down, adding that he hopes he wasn’t a factor in Gary and Maggie’s breakup. Gary isn’t exactly ready to hear an apology and becomes even less receptive when he notices Eric holding a coffee cup with the letters “Ma…” written on it and assumes it’s for Maggie. (Eric’s fingers are obscuring the remaining letters in the name.)

Feeling s—-y about the whole situation, Gary winds up in a bar stalking Maggie’s pics on — wait for it — “Instayap.” He accidentally likes a photo of her and Eric and hastily unlikes it again. Gary then enlists the bartender to do a deep dive on Eric, feeling suspicious of just how nice he is. After going to the dark web, a.k.a. the page beyond the first results on Google, Gary shows up at Eric’s music store to tell him he knows there’s a wrongful death suit against him from the family of Chloe Meyers, his ex-fiancée. Eric snaps that Gary doesn’t know anything and tells him that he and Maggie are not together anyway, but does add that Gary is a mess so it’s no wonder she wanted out. They get into a fight and Eric is very concerned about his shirt ripping and exposing his lack of scar. At that point, Eric’s coworker walks out to break it up and Gary realizes the coffee cup was for him — Max not Maggie.

The next morning, Sophie wakes up hungover to Gina and Rome blasting “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in her face and forcing her to go to her softball game. The gang all gathers to watch her sweat through her hangover. Rome has his camera out, gathering more footage to prove he’ll make a good parent — Hey, she might have drunk herself silly, but we’d never let her miss a game! — while Gary sits on the bleachers with Gina and Delilah and opens up to them about thinking something was going on between Maggie and Eric. When Delilah — who Maggie recently told that she kissed Eric — doesn’t rush to tell him it’s all in his head, Gary gets upset and storms off. Just then, Rome, who is still snapping pics, is confronted by two racist parents who believe he’s just there to perv on the teen girls. Gary, all worked up, walks right over and punches the dude in the face. So, of course, Rome and Gary end up in the backseat of a cop car. Rome is furious at his friend for putting him in this situation. Gary doesn’t get it, he was just defending him from some racists, but Rome explains that they live in two different Bostons, and his is one where he has to be constantly vigilant about how others view him, precisely because of situations like these. The cops let Rome go, but Gary is taken to the station.

Over at Eddie and Katherine’s place, they’re trying to deal with a newly-aggressive Theo, when Gary calls to ask Katherine to bail him out. Theo? Aggressive? I hear you cry. Fine, some backstory: Eddie and Katherine get called to his school to learn that he pushed a fellow classmate. When Theo won’t open up about it to his parents, they bring in Maggie to help. She manages to get out of him that it was desk-switch day at school and that troubled Theo because he doesn’t like change. There’s been a lot of those in his life recently — what with his parents getting a divorce, then not getting a divorce, and then finding out he has a little sister. Throw into the mix the fact Eddie has a new job (working with a young artist at his label, after his own solo efforts were rejected) and his schedule will change, and lil’ Theo is a mess. Not to worry, Maggie is finding the number of a coworker therapist who can talk to him — and that is when Katherine’s phone rings and it’s Gary from jail. She and Maggie go together to pick him up, but when Gary sees Maggie he freaks and tells her he doesn’t trust Eric. She tells Gary that he needs to talk to someone. He’s all, I saved your life, you picked me up from jail, we’re even. Katherine is not having that. She goes after him and yells at him, reminding him they chose him as Theo’s guardian but she’s starting to think they were wrong.

The episode wrap-up montage goes like this: Gina tells Sophie that there are rules she has to follow, that they’re tough on her because they care. Then she makes her favorite soup because D told her to. Maggie files a story about loss that she’d been working on and sends Eric a text, asking to talk. He ignores it. Back at his apartment, Gary throws away all of Maggie’s things, and in their home, Rome and Gina finish their adoption video by acknowledging there’ll be tough moments as parents, but they’ll get through them.

And that’s as good a place as any to end this episode. Until next week!

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