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A Million Little Things fans, it’s been a long summer without our Boston besties — but they’re finally back for season 2.

Can’t remember how last season wound down? Head here for all the deets, otherwise here’s a more succinct summary: When we left them in the season 1 finale, we had just discovered Jon narrowly escaped death by missing his 9/11 flight, but his friend Dave did board and therefore died that horrendous day. That survivor’s guilt was one of the million little reasons Jon took his own life. We also discovered that Dave’s girlfriend, one Barbara Morgan, was pregnant with Dave’s baby at the time of his death. That son, PJ, was brought up by Barbara and her new husband, who PJ — up until now — always believed to be his father. Randomly, but also totally not randomly because, television, Rome just happened to befriend PJ at the hospital. Elsewhere, Maggie got the all-clear on cancer; Rome realized he did want kids but Regina did not share his sentiment; and Eddie and Katherine decided to give their marriage another go, prompting Eddie to realize he had to tell Katherine that he is the father of Delilah’s about-to-be born baby.

And that’s where we pick up: Eddie tells Katherine that he wants to come home, but he promised her no more lies so admits Delilah’s baby is his, not Jon’s. He explains that he and D agreed it needed to be Jon’s for everyone’s sake, but he couldn’t lie to her and ask her to take him back. Katherine’s tears are cut short by a text that D’s in labor. Eddie tells Katherine he’ll do whatever she wants. She tells him to go to the hospital and be there for Delilah and the new baby, the way he wasn’t for Theo. Ouch.

Gary and Maggie are on their way back from the graveyard where the former was saying his goodbyes to Jon when they also get a text about the baby’s imminent arrival. Everyone gathers at the hospital to await the birth and Rome calls PJ for a quick chat, but the teen asks if he can call him back because…he’s in D’s house stealing s—??!

Back at her house, Katherine doesn’t answer Eddie’s call while making cookies with Theo. She’s really devastated. Later, Theo calls Eddie and tells him Katherine wants him to come home right away. Eddie runs out of the hospital, assuring them he’ll be there in ten minutes. But Katherine’s plan is actually to pack a suitcase and walk out before he arrives, while Theo enjoys some cookies and screen time.

We then jump to two days later. Theo has a playdate so Eddie can go pick up a crib for his new child. Katherine hasn’t been seen or heard from since she packed her bag and left, and to explain her absence, Eddie tells Theo she’s fighting an important court case. In reality, she hasn’t been to work at all and is hiding out at her mom’s house, screening Eddie’s calls.

Eddie’s luck doesn’t get much better when the guys go to pick up a crib, but first we flashback to the hospital where, mid-birth, the idea to go buy said-crib comes to Gary, Eddie, and Rome. They decide to head out to buy it, you know, just DURING the birth like NBD. At least Gary has the good sense to think Eddie’s priorities are rather skewed and lets him know with some serious side-eye. When Rome confesses to the guys he wants a baby but Gina still doesn’t, Gary’s all, Imma let you finish, Rome, but first Eddie, go be there for the birth of your child!! Eddie’s confused that his friend knows he’s the father and Gary explains he drove Jon to his vasectomy two years ago. He tells Eddie not to regret any more of his life and Eddie heads into the delivery room right in time to see his daughter born. Yup, it’s a girl! Gina shoots footage which Rome later lovingly edits…seems unnecessary, but there you go.

Back in the present, the guys are finally getting around to picking up the crib and the store is sold out, so they decide to steal (they did already pay for the one they preordered, but never picked up) a display one. As they cram the kinda-stolen crib into the trunk of Gina’s car, Katherine randomly texts Eddie telling him her mother-in-law is there, complete with a cute autocorrect in-joke. But, like, what? Why did she text him that when she’s avoiding him? Reader, I’m confused. Anyway, now Eddie knows she’s at her mom’s and heads over there in an attempt to win her back.

Once there, Eddie tells Katherine he loves her. He knew the second he walked in the door the other night that she was gone and it killed him. He talks about how they found their way back this year and that he told her the truth about the baby because he’ll never lie to her again. He also plans on spending the rest of his life trying to prove to himself he’s worthy of being her husband — which, honestly, sounds like a lot of fun for everyone involved — and hopefully, along the way, she’ll believe it too. Outside in the car with their stolen goods, Rome tells Gary he wants a baby but can’t ask Regina to change her mind. Gary tells him they’re all having a baby (Delilah’s) and he can take the lead on that. Eddie comes out and shakes his head to let the guys know he was unsuccessful in winning Katherine back.

Elsewhere, Maggie sees her new patient, P.J. He tells her he’s been fighting with his dad because they’re so different. P.J. suspects his father figure isn’t really his dad. He’s overheard some things and seen the video of Jon apologizing to Barbara for walking out of her life after 9/11. He probably thinks Jon was his dad, though later he looks at a photo of his real dad Dave with Jon and Barbs. He just wants the truth, he tells Maggie. Poor kid. Though I’m now belatedly realizing he’s played by Chandler Riggs who was the perpetually-annoying Carl on The Walking Dead so my affection may waver soon.

Still at the hospital, Delilah is having trouble getting her new daughter to latch and the doctor/nurse/consultant/whoever is being a real d— about it. When the gals all gather to bring her home and overhear how awful this breastfeeding pro is being to D, Maggie goes off at her, telling her to shut her face. Maggie tells her that when she herself comes to having kids she won’t be able to breastfeed because of her double mastectomy, but she’ll still be a fantastic mother because she’ll learn from Delilah. Boom. It’s an excellent moment.

Against all odds, the whole gang makes it home safely from the hospital with Sophie driving. They gather in the nursery, where they’ve kept Jon’s Bruins shirt on the wall so he can watch over the baby. Eddie and Delilah talk and she tells him she wants to name the baby together. D opts for Charlotte after her mom and they’ll call her Charlie. When the topic of where Katherine and Theo are comes up, Eddie lies to the group telling them Theo has a bug but admits to Delilah that Katherine left when she found out about the baby’s parentage. Just then, they take a group selfie in which D looks rather distressed. Welcome to the chaos world, baby girl!

Later that day, Gary apologizes to Maggie; they had a fight earlier after Maggie was upset to discover he’d thrown away the cancer meds she no longer needs without asking her first. She explains that last time she found out she was in remission, she got rid of all her meds only to find a new lump the very next day and thought she’d jinxed herself in some way. They make up and Maggie goes to take a shower, removing her wig and looking rather shaken-up by the whole thing. Gary joins her in the shower which seems to be of comfort to her.

In the last minutes of the premiere, we see Rome tell Gina he wants a baby but wants them more (we’ll see how long that lasts with a newborn in the mix, just sitting around all cute) and Eddie and Theo eat cookies. When someone comes to the door, they both get excited thinking it’s Katherine, but it’s just a delivery dude. Eddie is sad. Karma, eh?

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