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Guys, we made it! It’s the A Million Little Things first season finale and all the mysteries are about to be answered. So let’s get right into it, eh?

We kick things off with Maggie moving into Gary’s place. The plan is Eddie will move into her old apartment to make room. (I’m telling you, Eddie has the best deal; her place is sweet.) Maggie is reluctant to unpack or build any furniture until she gets the all clear from her doctor. Gary’s is optimistic and, thankfully(!!), he has good reason to be. When they get to the doctor’s office later, he tells them Maggie is in remission! Woo! Maggie laughs uncontrollably as Gary cries, but later at home, she really lets the news sink in as she unpacks her boxes at Gary’s place. She never thought she’d survive this time.

Before all this, the gang gathers at Delilah’s place. The Dixon family has been packing up Jon’s belongings and decided to give certain items out to the group. Gary gets his old Harvard shirt; Gina gets Jon’s first real estate award because she’s going to be a big name soon too. Rome gets cufflinks that Sophie bought for her dad for father’s day and Eddie gets a mini hockey stick from a 2011 trip. Later, in a flashback, we see Jon bought them for the guys at the airport when they missed their flight to see the Bruins at the playoffs. Since they couldn’t get to the game, they played their own game instead. Maggie gets a Colin Hay signed album.

Everyone gets ready to leave and Sophie shows Gary the old pic of “Emma” who showed up at their home last week. Gary recognizes her as Barbara Morgan. At last, we know for sure. Gary thinks they should head over there and demand answers, but Delilah doesn’t want any answers. She needs to move on; nothing she finds out is going to bring Jon back. Later, however, Sophie talks her into going so that her little brother or sister can know the real reason her dad killed himself.

Andddddd, because we’ve learned suspense from this show, we’ll get back to the Barb stuff a little later! Elsewhere, Rome and Gina test drive cars at the dealership. Initially, they think they should scale back and get a cheaper car until they see a zippy little number and Gina thinks Rome should treat himself. Gina negotiates a good price and they’re about to sign when Rome changes his mind and wants to get an SUV instead because they’re kid-friendly. Gina is all like, what?? Hell no, I don’t want kids. But Rome is adamant they can do it and wants to be a stay-home dad. He thinks having a child will put things into perspective for him. Gina is still not on board. She tells him so, adding that she’s still worried about his mental health. They’re saved by the bell, however, when D calls to say she’s gone into labor early. They rush to the hospital to be with her and when Rome gets excited telling Gina that could be them someday soon, she reiterates to her husband that she does not want this for them ever.

On the Eddie and Katherine front, the former couple is getting ready to tell Theo they’re divorcing, but then they realize the best version of them is when they’re together, supporting one another. They kiss and decide to give things another go instead. Yay — for now. Luckily, Katherine hadn’t filed the papers yet so they’re not actually divorced. Phew, that saved them a lot of extra paperwork. She invites Eddie over to dinner later so they can talk to Theo about it all. Later, at the office, Hunter tries to clear the air with Katherine and is kind of a patronizing d–k about it, so she tells him the only reason he made partner is because she turned it down and heads home to get dinner ready for her family. Go, girl! (Recap continues on page 2.)

Okay, fine, I won’t make you wait that long for all the answers. Here we go: D goes over to Barbara Morgan’s place. Barb’s husband, who we’ve seen at this doorway before, tries to turn her away, but Barbs lets her in. They sit down and talk. Barbara explains that back when they were younger, she dated Jon’s roommate Dave. Jon and Dave were like brothers. One weekend when Jon had a real estate conference to go to, he convinced Dave to tag along too. At this point, Barbara breaks in her story to play Delilah the video Jon mailed her the day he died, asking for her forgiveness.

Then we cut to another flashback to add some context to the plea for forgiveness: We see Jon at the airport buying a last-minute bottle of wine and subsequently missing his flight to the real estate conference in Los Angeles with Dave. Jon calls his buddy to tell him he’ll be on the next flight. In a voiceover from the video message he recorded, Jon tells Barbara if he’d known that was the last time they’d talk, he would’ve said much more. You see, back at the gate, we catch a glimpse of the date on a newspaper, Sept. 11, and then the flight number on Jon’s boarding card, American Airlines Flight 11. Later, still at the airport, Jon watches the news in horror as the first plane flies into the World Trade Center. A member of the ground staff named Sophie cries next to him.

A few months after the crash, Jon and Barbara meet at the gate on what would’ve been Dave’s birthday to commemorate his death. When Barb shows up, she’s pregnant with Dave’s child but is engaged to a first responder who’s going to raise the baby as his own. Jon is annoyed thinking it’s all too soon and disrespectful to Dave. He tells her she’s pretending Dave never existed in the first place. It’s the last time Jon and Barb ever see each other.

Later that day, Jon and Delilah flirt at an airport bar and she writes her number on the back of his unused 9/11 boarding pass. In his video message, Jon tells Barb that Delilah was the love of his life and he let her be his reason to live for the last 17 years. Ultimately, though, he had pushed the pain away as long as he could. Just then, Barb’s son Patrick gets home from school and since he doesn’t know what happened to his real father, Barb’s husband kicks D out.

Delilah goes over to see Gary and fill him in. He doesn’t understand why Jon couldn’t tell them about it. Maggie explains that his guilt prevented him. They realize that Jon devoted his time to trying to save his new friends the way he couldn’t save Dave. Gary doesn’t feel better now he finally knows. Later, Maggie realizes that Gary has been trying to save her because he couldn’t save Jon. She takes him to Jon’s grave to say his goodbyes. He tearfully apologizes to his dead best friend for not being able to save him and signs off with a “Go, B’s!”

Back at Barb’s place, the kid we know as P.J. (whom Rome befriended at the hospital) opens Barb’s computer and starts watching Jon’s video message. What do you bet Barb’s son Patrick’s middle name is Jon? Giving us P.J. Anyway, looks like he’s about to learn the truth about this parentage, but will Sophie and Danny learn that Eddie is the father of Delilah’s new baby? They’re making enough comments about Jon when they take their mom to the hospital to make it awkward.

But first, someone who really does need to know Eddie is the baby daddy: Katherine. Just when she notices Eddie is a little late to dinner, he calls and asks her to come outside to talk to him. Eddie tells Katherine he wants to come home and be with her more than anything, but he promised her no more lies, so there’s something he needs to tell her… The end.

Guess we’ll find out next season if Eddie goes through with telling Katherine the truth, and how Patrick/P.J. is going to react to the news about his real father. I wonder if there’ll be more to that than meets the eye; that middle initial has got me thinking… Until season 2, friends.

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