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Gina grapples with the truth about Rome, while Maggie and Gary play a game of dares

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November 08, 2018 at 01:02 PM EST

Another week means another episode of A Million Little Things, so are we all ready to count some clichés? I know I am!

It’s early morning at Gary’s, and he and Maggie wake up to his clock radio playing Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.” Gary sings along with questionable lyrics until Maggie can’t take it anymore and changes the station to some agony aunt-style show. The fraud therapist is spouting clichéd advice along the lines of “What you let happen, will happen.” (NUMBER ONE FOR YOUR CLICHÉ COUNT, FRIENDS!) Maggie gets annoyed at this radio personality, complaining that she oversimplifies everything and calls her “a depressing fortune cookie.” Gary’s all, you don’t have a lot of time left, why not call this fraud on the radio and tell her the truth? 

And then, so she really has to do it, he dares her to make the call. Eventually she gets through and makes up a problem about not liking her boyfriend’s dog. The D.F.C (depressing fortune cookie) tells Maggie it has nothing to do with the dog, that she’s afraid to give herself fully to this relationship. Maggie tries to tell her that she jumps to conclusions and shames people, but D.F.C cuts her off, ending the call. Gary, who’s been listening, smugly tells Mags it all hit a bit too close to home for his maybe-girlfriend-but-not-girlfriend. Maggie’s response is to tell him she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and dare him back. And so an episode-long game of dares begins! Maggie’s dare for Gary? An entirely-unrelated-to-the-greater-plot dare that has G setting up a lemonade stand (Eddie made a passing comment about him having done it previously) and getting a picture of it as proof.

Over at Rome and Gina’s, Rome wakes up with stomach pain, so Gina passes on Delilah’s ultrasound to stay home with him. I bet Eddie goes with her instead. When the pain persists and worsens, Rome calls Maggie to ask if the anti-depressants could be giving him physical pain. She tells him it’s highly unlikely, but just then he literally falls over in pain and Gina runs in and grabs the phone from the floor. Maggie hesitates not knowing what Gina knows about his depression, but then tells them to get to the hospital and she’ll meet them there. At the hospital, Gina tells the doctor about Rome’s recent attempt at suicide and the doctor asks Rome if he’s still been having suicidal feelings recently. He hesitates, prompting the doc to send Gina out of the room so he can answer truthfully. While Gina struggles to cope with all of this, Maggie arrives and tells her that she already knows about everything G’s husband is going through. Maggie understands if Gina’s angry with her, but Gina’s all I ain’t got time for anger, I have to use all my energy to make sure my husband is going to be okay, but she sure sounds angry, so maybe she has a little bit of time after all.

The doctor emerges and tells Gina they want to have Rome drink something that will clear out his stomach of any drugs he might have ingested. Rome’s refusing, telling him he hasn’t taken anything, but because of Massachusetts’ state law, Gina can make the call for him, and does. So the guys gather in Rome’s room to try and make him drink it down. Gary goes with tough-love approach (so Gary!) and also suggests that maybe he just has a kidney stone. Poor Rome lies there writhing in pain while Gary talks about noodles to try and distract him. I’m sure Eddie contributes somehow but it’s not really noticeable. Outside, Gina is being comforted by Delilah since they’re kind of in the same position of not knowing their husbands were suicidal. Delilah has to leave for her ultrasound and, of course, Eddie offers to drive her. Back in the hospital room, Rome is telling Gary he didn’t need to drink “that charcoal,” he just did it for Gina and, right when she walks in, adds that he doesn’t’ want to die. So at least she has that to hold onto. (Recap continues on page 2.)

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