Eddie makes his big return to music while the gang discovers the truth about Delilah's pregnancy

By Ruth Kinane
November 02, 2018 at 10:54 AM EDT
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After the baby drama of last week, I’m almost scared to see what will happen in this episode, but the cliché of the week is “do the things that scare you most”, so let’s put our fear aside and dive right in!

We kick things off with a game night at Rome and Regina’s place. Rome’s having difficulty getting his head around the fact that Delilah is pregnant. Here’s the intriguing part, Gina didn’t ask D who the father is so now the suspense is driving them (well mostly Rome) crazy. The gang shows up and there’s a lot of confusion over who can drink wine since the other guys think it’s Gina who’s pregnant and Delilah is pretending not to be. Plus, Rome can’t drink because of his anti-depressants, but Gina doesn’t know that either. Phew. So many lies, so little time. Anyway, Eddie’s all excited because he’s landed himself a gig. That’s really all I have to say on that matter. The guys are still pumped about Rome becoming a dad and start teasing him about baby names, and Rome — despite being able to keep many, huge secrets from his wife — can’t take it and blurts out that it’s not Gina who’s pregnant. Delilah grabs Eddie to talk to him and Gina grabs the bottle of wine. Get it, girl.

Start your cliché counter because here we go! Eddie thinks that this pregnancy happened for a reason (one), they love each other blablabla. LOL to him trying to make things work with Katherine last week. Eddie’s very excited about their baby, so of course Delilah promptly tells him it’s Jon’s. Eddie’s devastated because he thought she and Jon weren’t sleeping together anymore. She just responds, “He was my husband.” Ouch. Eddie walks away and D grabs her coat to leave. I feel like honestly this is a good outcome. Jon lives on. Sophie and that other kid get a little sibling and don’t have to know their mom was having an affair, at least for now — so, yeah, she probably just told Eddie a lie. I’m starting a petition to change the name of this show to A Million Little Lies.

The next day, Eddie’s getting his setlist together for his show that night, when Katherine calls to say she has a last-minute business trip so he needs to look after Theo that night. Eddie starts to use that as an excuse to get out of the show but Maggie offers to babysit, which she then promptly regrets when Eddie lists all Theo’s dietary restrictions and mentions that he gets night terrors. Gary plays the “Here you go, enjoy every moment of life” card to Maggie and pretty much bows out of any of the responsibilities. (Recap continues on page 2.)

Over at the restaurant, Gina is micro-managing the contractors. Rome has also taken up shop there to do some writing but is having trouble. So far he’s written “Fade in.” Hey, it’s a start. Then some interfering woman comes in trying to change the agreed upon light fixtures. She turns out to be Gina’s mom, Shelley, who G is not pleased to see. Shelley tries to warn her daughter off of starting the restaurant while Rome is out of work and even goes as far as to offer her some money to help, but Gina turns it down. (Just wait until she catches up with Delilah.)

Later at home, Shelley finds a baby hat Rome had (very quickly) bought before he found out Gina wasn’t pregnant and Shelley assumes Gina is pregnant. Rome admits it’s not for them, but then lets it slip that he’s kind of thinking about wanting kids now. He makes Shelley promise she won’t say a word to Gina about it…so she 100% will mention it before episode’s end. Indeed, she starts dropping hints while they’re cooking dinner that night and then brings up stay-at-home dads while they’re eating. Gina gets mad, telling her mom to stop meddling with her marriage and makes a comment about how her mom ruined her own marriage. Shelley leaves, upset by her daughter’s digs. Gina goes after her, but Shelley barely hears her apology, telling her that her own marriage didn’t work because she didn’t see what was right in front of her; she too thought she had a bullet-proof relationship. Eek, Gina, open your eyes! To be fair she has been better about seeing things lately. Remember two episodes ago when she kept apologizing for missing things?

And then… dundundun Gina finds the big thing she’s been missing: Rome’s suicide note. THIS SHOW!! Gina is distraught. She doesn’t understand. (Okay, quick question: Why would he keep the note?) Rome starts crying, he doesn’t understand it either; he has a great life, but sometimes, for some reason he feels so sad and he can’t help but think, ‘What if this is happiest I’m ever going to be?’ Gina tells him he’s not the best part of her life, *wait for it* he is her life and she will not lose him. They cry. They hug. Okay, I know some of you like to call me out in the comments for being cynical, but I have a heart and this is treacherous stuff.

Over at Jon and Delilah’s place, Ashley is going through Jon’s list of beneficiaries again, while D is on the phone with the bank. Turns out the loan for the restaurant has been denied. Ashley reassures her it’s probably just because Gina had been turned down for one before and then casually asks Delilah if she’s heard of a Barbara Morgan (remember the name that was on the list of beneficiaries that we didn’t know?). Delilah is in the middle of saying she doesn’t know that name when she starts to get sick. She admits to Ashley that she’s pregnant, adding that it’s Jon’s. (Methinks the lady doth protest too much, no?) Ashley thinks it’s pretty great that she’s going to get to have Jon’s baby, but Delilah doesn’t see it that way; Jon’s not going to live again through this baby because he’s dead and she’s not ready to do it again alone.

Ashley takes a moment to replay Jon’s death scene again in her head and decides to show Jon’s suicide note she’s been hiding to Delilah, who’s furious and doesn’t understand how Ashley could’ve kept it from her. She kicks her out of her house. Only, jk, Ash doesn’t actually give it to her, she just imagines the whole thing. Ughhhhhhh. Let’s move this plot line along.

Ashley leaves, of her own accord, suicide note stacked safely away (does she just always walk around with it on her?) and later receives a call about a personal loan or another mortgage taken out by Jon on his home that Delilah doesn’t know about. Ashley is confused but then goes to a random(?) mail box and finds a bunch of overdue bills stuffed into it. Uh oh. (Recap continues on page 3.)

Back at home, D makes a decision and calls Gary and asks for a ride to her OBGYN office because she won’t be able to drive herself home after the procedure. He agrees to take her there, obviously not saying anything to the others about it. Delilah goes in for the procedure while Gary anxiously waits outside in the waiting room. Delilah comes out crying and gets a hug from the nurse. While Gary is driving her home, she admits she didn’t go through with it. Did you see that one coming? Did you? Of course, you did. I’d literally written it in this recap before it happened. Gary assures her that she won’t be doing the pregnancy/child rearing alone. He’s down for sympathy eating. They decide to go and get waffles.

Meanwhile Eddie’s at soundcheck (where a bunch of old musician friends show up and make awed comments about his old drinking days) and Maggie is struggling with Theo and all his rules. She wants to feed the ducks but he has rules against such things. Basically, he’s no fun at all. But that evening Maggie is successful in making celiac-friendly pasta for Theo. Eddie is about to leave for the gig when Theo tells him he won’t be able to fall asleep without his dad there. Eddie assures his son it’s okay to be afraid and that sometimes you should do the things that scare you because you’re scared of them. (Cliché count: two.) Are we listening, Maggie?

Later, Theo has a night terror about ducks right at the same moment Eddie calls. They’re both freaking out simultaneously; Eddie about preforming for the first time sober ever and Theo about fat ducks. Gary gives his pal a pep talk and thankfully Theo wakes up and stops yelling at that point, so they all head off to the show together. When they get there, Theo turns his dad’s clichéd advice on him, telling him just because he’s scared doesn’t mean he shouldn’t do the show — I’m just glad Maggie gets to hear that line again. Eddie gets up there and performs a very mediocre song that I doubt Kings of Leon would’ve chosen to open for them, but hey there we have it: Eddie’s big return to music! Even D has shown up in the crowd. After his performance, Delilah goes backstage. Eddie tells her that he’s there for her even though the baby’s not his, so, of course D admits she was lying and the baby is in fact his. However, she thinks the truth will hurt too many people, so they have to continue the lie that the baby is Jon’s. Wanna place some bets on how long that secret will stay under wraps?

What disasters does next week have in store for us? See you back here next week to find out — and to count some more clichés, of course.

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