By Ruth Kinane
October 18, 2018 at 07:25 PM EDT
Jack Rowand/ABC

We pick up this week’s episode of A Million Little Things with a flashback to two years ago. The gang is all over at Delilah and Jon’s place for pizza night — a Friday night tradition that Jon started, making pizza in a brick oven in their yard. (The houses on this show might be the best part.) Delilah’s dad is there too. He has memory problems, so Jon habitually asks him to tell the story of how Jon and D met to keep him on his toes. For anyone interested, Jon and Delilah had their meet-cute at an airport; she was going to Paris, he was going to L.A. In the present day, Delilah spots the pizza peel in her kitchen and moves it to a less obvious spot, unable to deal with the memories and guilt. When Sophie notices its new location, she’s mad at her mom for trying to erase her dad from their lives. Is Delilah wrong for trying to move forward? Or should the family stick to old traditions to keep the memory of Jon alive? Let’s find out.

A little later, Gary comes over and calls Delilah out for avoiding the restaurant — or more likely avoiding Regina who still isn’t talking to her since she found out about the affair. Unable to stand the girls’ fallout, Gary and Rome plot to get the two women together to fix things. They stage a reunion at the restaurant but when Delilah walks in, Regina can’t hide her anger and disappointment. Luckily, Rome takes the hammer Gina’s been using to knock down walls out of her hand. D tries to explain to her friend that there were things about her marriage Regina didn’t know, that Jon was distant for the last two years and she felt invisible, but Eddie saw her. Regina’s mad that she didn’t share that with her at the time because then she could’ve been there for her. She even goes as far as to suggest that Jon is dead because of Delilah’s actions. Upset, Delilah leaves, telling Regina to do the restaurant without her.

Over at Katherine and Eddie’s place, things aren’t much better. Katherine tells Eddie she doesn’t know where they go from there (her finding out he’s been cheating on her with Delilah) because she doesn’t even know how they got there. But she realizes she can’t just blame Eddie and Delilah for their problems; their marriage was broken long before that. To help provide some context, Eddie flashes back to performing with his band the Red Ferns. He comes backstage between songs, where the whole gang is excitedly hanging out, and downs a drink before kissing a pregnant Katherine. In another flashback we see his drinking has gotten progressively worse; he’s drunk in a bar when Katherine goes into labor. Later, in a “six months ago” bit, we see that Eddie has kicked drinking when Delilah’s forgetful father offers him some sangria and Jon reprimands him over it. Delilah is mad at her husband for embarrassing her dad, but he walks off to take a work call. Delilah’s all, of course, you have work to deal with right now.

Back in the present, Sophie comes over to Eddie and Katherine’s place for an impromptu guitar lesson with Eddie, but since he’s not home, she ends up talking to Katherine about how her mom is dealing with Jon’s death. Then Eddie comes back from visiting a bar he used to frequent (he didn’t drink this time, just talked to an old acquaintance about reforming the band he was kicked out of) and he and Katherine discuss their relationship. Eddie tells her she was always the strong one and he put her in a position she never asked to be. (Recap continues on page 2.)

Elsewhere in the present time, Maggie is seeing her doctor. Her cancer has spread even further and she needs surgery, chemo, and radiation ASAP. She asks her doc how long she has until it gets worse if she doesn’t start treatment. He tells her it’ll be 3-6 months until the symptoms get bad, but she won’t live beyond a year if she does nothing. Later at a support group, Gary kind of half apologizes for his outburst on his birthday. She nearly tells him about her cancer, but then some other hippy girl he clearly hooked up with previously comes over and starts telling him he looks good, calling him “Gare Bear.” It’s gross but gets worse when she mentions “their spot in the bathroom” a.k.a. the same spot Gary and Maggie first hooked up. Maggie is pissed, telling him “sleeping your way through women with an expiration date is pathetic,” but he doesn’t think she gets to be mad, because she was the one who insisted they weren’t in a relationship. Mostly, she’s mad at herself for falling for his moves.

At least she’s making more progress with Rome. When he goes to see Maggie, she tells him about suicide survivor regret and tell him that he needs to pursue his dream. He doesn’t think it’s the right time, but she thinks that’s a decision he needs to make with Regina. When he gets home, he has an outburst, telling Regina he can’t do his job anymore, that he hates it and hates himself for doing it and that he wants to quit and make his movie. Regina takes it in stride and tells him that’s exactly what he should do then. They’ll figure it out financially. She apologizes for not seeing how bad it had gotten for him.

At work, Gary calls Maggie but she doesn’t pick up, so he goes over to her place to try and talk to her in person. There, he bumps into her ex, who lets it slip that Maggie’s about to start treatment again. Gary pretends he was already aware. When he shows up at her door later though, he doesn’t confront her about the cancer. He explains to her that yes, he’s been in that bathroom with women before, but he’s different now. She doesn’t think he is, nor is he capable of changing. She opens the door to indicate he should leave and instead of heading out, Gary takes off his shirt and shows her his scars and lack of a left nipple from surgery. Maggie kisses him and they wind up in bed. After “some of their best work,” Gary tries to get Maggie to tell him about her cancer but she deflects the question and heads to the kitchen. She still hasn’t unpacked her boxes and from a flashback, we learn that’s because she doesn’t know how long she has to live. Gary calls to her from the bedroom to invite her to pizza night at Delilah’s and she tosses her treatment plan in the trash.

And so pizza night is back! After an awkward start where Katherine has to give in to her son’s request and have dinner with her cheating husband and his ex-lover, Regina shows up to help with the cooking and apologizes to Delilah for not seeing her pain (two for two, Gina!). Gary and Eddie talk a little and Gary tells his former bestie they’re going to try and get back to where they were, while Regina tells Katherine she’s glad she’s there; she didn’t realize everything that was going on and she’s sorry she wasn’t there for her. Regina is on a roll. Rome announces he quit his job and no matter what it takes, he’s going to make his movie. They all make pizza together and toast Jon. Then grandpa asks why they’re toasting Jon when he’s still at work and rather than correct him, Delilah asks him to tell the story of how she and Jon met. It was at the airport…

Maybe next week we’ll learn if they went to their separate destinations or ended up jetting off somewhere new together.