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A Million Little Things

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January 17, 2019 at 11:22 PM EST

After a massive recap of basically everything that’s happened up to this point on the show, we’re back into the action with a flashback scene from the man of mystery himself.

In the apartment we saw him go into with Ashley (to kiss her!) in the winter finale, Jon sits opposite a video camera and records himself. Then he tells whomever he’s talking to that he’s sorry for abandoning them and tells them there’s nothing he can say that’ll make this make sense. Then he apologizes to…the enigma that is Barbara!!

Back in the present day, Delilah is out running — the whole gang’s in training for a 5K for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, you see. Mid-jog, she flashes back to her conversation with (property lawyer) Katherine about her home being repossessed. Turns out she signed a document to leverage their home against Jon’s debt without looking at it. Her kids notice something’s up with her but for now, she’s keeping her/their problems from them.

At the hospital, Gary is eating a donut while Maggie gets chemo. She’s wearing a wig and her taste buds have been dulled by the treatment so she’s not super happy with Gary for eating that delicious ring of goodness in front of her. She mentions to her boyfriend that she’s doing the 5K race with everyone else and Gary tells her she should be resting not running, but she doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, at Gina and Rome’s place, Gina is nervous about Rome being off his meds — despite the great sex they’re having as a result — but he’s feeling good, in fact, he just cracked a 6-minute mile.

Eddie’s been gone for a couple of weeks at this point and he’s missing everyone terribly. He calls Theo from the tour bus to give him a tour of the bus (see what I did there?) which happens to include a bandmate having some sexual relations. For that reason and the fact they’re running late, Katherine terminates the call swiftly and they head to her office (on a Saturday!) where everyone is meeting to figure out the repossession problem.

Katherine starts with the good news: She’s managed to get them a 60-day extension on foreclosure, so if Delilah can get caught up on payments by then she can keep the house. Great! Jon’s life insurance money is about to come in. Problem solved! Not so fast. You see, they’ll need that money to cover the casual $18 million (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) commercial loan that Jon took out to cover some properties he was underwater on. Since Jon used their personal assets to secure the loan, it’s now Delilah’s debt. So basically she’s f—ed since once it defaults they’re going to come after everything, including Jon’s life insurance. Gary thinks it makes no sense, but D think it makes a lot of sense, assuming she now understands Jon’s reason for taking his life. Delilah tells Gary he’s always put Jon on a pedestal and it’s time to take him off of it.

But first, a flashback: Ah, the moment where the guys first met in a stalled elevator. Jon hops in last as the doors are closing, telling someone on the other end of the phone that they have until he loses service in the elevator to close a deal. After that intro, it naturally falls to Jon to negotiate their escape from the elevator when it stops between floors. He presses the help button and tells the poor man on the other end to get them out of there in 20 minutes or he’ll renege on the deal he just made to buy the building.

At Delilah’s soon-to-be-former home, Theo is FaceTiming with Eddie and lets slip to both his dad and a nearby Sophie that Delilah has a big problem, but he gets cut off before he can divulge any more details to Eddie. When D gets home, Sophie manages to bluff more information out of her mother and when she learns the truth, she’s surprised her mom knew nothing about it. She gets mad at her father, calling him a liar, and decides she doesn’t want to do the race to honor his memory anymore. Elsewhere, Danny’s potential boyfriend Elliot comes over to sponsor him in the race, but Danny blows him off when his mom arrives as he still hasn’t come out to her.

Over at Maggie’s place, Gary arrives to find Maggie wig-less and getting ready to go out running. He still doesn’t think she should be working out, but Maggie protests that it’s the one thing that makes her still feel like her. They go out jogging together and Gary is having more trouble than Maggie so she runs ahead giving him a minute to catch his breath and flashback to the elevator scene once again. The guys are bonding over Gary’s discomfort in the confined space and play a game of “who would you have dinner with, if you could have dinner with anyone.” Jon chooses his wife and kids, sharing that he doesn’t get home for dinner often enough, while Gary chooses T. Rutledge, the guy whose name is on the elevator and presumably owns the building, for the impact he’s just had on his life. Recap continues on page 2. 

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