In 'The Bachelors,' Adrianna faces blackmail, Teddy tries to forget about the hookup, and Dixon receives startling news
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Drugs, abuse, disease—those meaty topics were woven into the fabric that made up the original Beverly Hills, 90210. So in the year of its twentieth anniversary, how fitting to see an episode of the 90210 reboot that paid such brilliant homage to its predecessor. Last night, our core characters dealt with rape, homophobia, pregnancy and HIV. The episode was jam-packed, so let’s take a look at the cards that were dealt:


Admittedly, I’ve never overdosed on drugs, so I’m not an expert on the sequence of events, but Naomi’s hospital discharge seemed about as serious as getting up to eat a bowl of cereal. Naomi pondered it for all of 0.6 seconds and then, realizing hospital blue was so wrong for her complexion (“Eww! I look like a Cullen!”), she got dressed and skedaddled. Logistics aside, it was nice to see Mr. Cannon absent for a change, thereby giving my gag reflex the evening off. As for Nay, after insulting her friends at her own birthday party, she found that Annie and Adrianna wanted nothing to do with her. Poor Naomi looked particularly pained, especially after Annie’s quip about what could possibly be wrong: “Did the caterers run out of Cristal?” In the end, and at rapid-plot-resolution speed I might add, Silver revealed the truth to Annie and Aid, who came to Naomi’s side. “This is love,” Annie said. “This is anger,” Silver said. A bit PSA-esque, but I’ll take it.

Annie, Charlie and Liam

I take it back about my gag reflex: Charlie’s recitation of The Twelfth Night and Annie’s eyelash-batting were both pretty nauseating. That being said, getting Charlie, Liam’s brother from another mother, back into the picture—and with Liam squatting at the Wilson residence—finally answered some questions. Way back when, during a stay at their uncle’s Minnesota lake house, Charlie had blamed a bout of credit card theft on Liam. But that may not have been the entire story. Seeing Annie with Charlie set Liam off into intense-brooding mode (we missed that!), and when Annie tried to console him, he drove her off, telling her she knew nothing about the situation. The bad boy is back! But who really cares about some high school romance when you’ve got a pregnancy decision on your hands, right? Seeing the financial trouble her family was in, Annie decided to sell her eggs to her boss.

Adrianna and creepy Victor

Adrianna must be kicking herself now more than ever for stealing Javier’s music. Victor co-opted a managerial position, forcing her to cancel on Silver’s breast-cancer benefit, rub up on a high roller at his birthday party, not eat, and hand over 50 80 percent of her profits. I would’ve thought Aid would dance this blackmail dance for at least another episode, but I nearly got whiplash at how quickly she turned around and ditched Victor, who, let’s face it, will probably come to haunt her again. At that point, though, her priority was to save Navid from his shameful showing at the auction. Less makeup, nicely flat-ironed hair and emotional clarity—well done, Aid!

NEXT: A rather timely storyline involving one teen’s struggle to come out.

Silver, Teddy and Ian

At the start of the episode we saw Silver with Ian in an old love-new love web that angered, confused and worried Teddy. Even more worrisome for Teddy? Ian was choreographing the opening dance for the date auction, and gyrating hips next to Ian made Teddy all sorts of uncomfortable. But instead of falling into some sort of closeted spiral of shame, Teddy chose to be angry—and homophobic—calling Ian a f—-t, a development that seemed particularly heartbreaking given all the recent real-life news involving suicides among gay youths. As Ivy later said, Teddy “went all Mel Gibson” and even got into a fistfight with Ian in the hallway, landing both in detention for two weeks. Anger, bullying, intolerance—this storyline seriously couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dixon, Ivy and the return of Sasha

Count on Ivy to use surfing as a metaphor for sex. Girl was ready to do the deed, but because she’s more awkward than she lets on, she tried to play it cool, making losing her virginity sound as eventful as grabbing gnarly burgers after school. But the lovemaking plans were foiled when Sasha, Dixon’s crazy older ex who had faked her pregnancy, showed up at school. Dixon told Ivy it was “nobody,” because “nobody” isn’t suspicious at all. Dixon kept dodging her, so Sasha had no choice but to track him down in the parking lot right before he was on his way to Ivy’s Laurel-free, candlelit, sex-ready home. Of course Oscar saw the pair walking together, which will wreak some sort of havoc, but that was small beans at that moment. It turned out that Sasha’s ex is HIV positive, Sasha is now HIV positive, Dixon’s fate is unclear, and BOOM—what a way to end such a great episode.

What did you guys think of today’s issue-laden episode? What’s your take on Teddy’s emotional evolution? And what lies ahead for our dear Dixon?

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