Adrianna lets fame get to her head, Teddy realizes the truth, and Ivy meets her father
90210 Holiday Madness
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This season of 90210 has had so much momentum that I was ready to keep charging full speed ahead, but this week we hit a little speed bump with an episode about cheating — on family, friends and significant others — that dragged, annoyed (thanks to Adrianna) and had me waiting for a big, big moment…all the way until 8:59 p.m. So without further ado…

Adrianna, Silver and Navid: Since last week, Adrianna had acquired some new toys: a Chihuahua named Beyoncé, sunglasses almost as big as her ego, and most recently, a mansion off Sunset Boulevard that cost her a cool $20,000 a month. (Side note: Just how major is her one single? No one gets a Birkin handbag that quickly.) Victor tried to talk her out of getting the house, but Adrianna became, well, a lot like Sunset Boulevard’s Norma Desmond. She was icy, rude and told Victor he was being a “wet blanket.” She ended up cutting his commission in half to pay for the ginormous abode. To celebrate her new digs, she threw a co-ed sleepover, and though her friends probably wanted to keep their distance from the new vapid Aid anyway, they happened to be tied up with other things.

And whaddaya know? Navid and Silver ended up being the only ones who made it. There was obviously awkward sexual tension, which Silver tried to brush off, telling Navid (and herself) that she couldn’t betray Adrianna. Well, that quickly changed as Aid got more annoying at her party, singing “Santa Baby” with elves in tow and with the likes of Rachel Zoe, Justin Bieber, and Jeremy Piven (?!) in attendance. Navid finally put it point-blank for Silver, asking her if she felt the same way about him. And yes! They finally kissed! I was hoping Aid would catch them, but she was busy, which means it’ll take eons for this plot to get resolved. Aid was holed up in her bedroom after Victor, through a creepy Christmas gift, revealed that he had spilled the beans about her stealing Javier’s music. Now the blog Gossip Dogz has the info, and Adrianna is probably doomed. If this can get rid of her publicist/stylist team, I’m 100% behind Victor.

Ivy: I don’t really love Naomi and Ivy as friends, but I suppose she needs a different group to interact with since her relationship with the boys is kaput for now. The odd couple talked about false eyelashes and blueberry cocktails — oh, and some serious stuff, too, like Ivy meeting her dad. Surprise: Father and daughter met at the beach club where absolutely everything is held on this show, and after some awkward conversation about prime rib, he revealed that Laurel had actually told him to stay away from Ivy. The two got along pretty well, even though she’s a child of the surf and he’s a man of Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond weekends, so he invited her to Christmas at his house. It was a welcome offer for Ivy, who has spent her holidays celebrating the winter solstice, a tradition Laurel started (duh) that involves a piñata. What? It’s Laurel, so let’s pretend to understand and move on.

When Ivy told her mom that she met with her father, Laurel, who had surprised Ivy with an impromptu trip to Rome for the next day, tried to convince Ivy he was a bad seed — selfish and untrustworthy. You could anticipate what was next: Laurel was right! Father wanted to shirk his college-paying duties because he had two kids (with another woman) who needed that money. Oh, but she could still come to his house for Christmas caroling! Education, you lose this round. Ivy came back home and cried to Laurel, who’d skipped out on Rome and was hanging out in the world’s largest caftan. Ivy said she just wanted to be loved. “I can love the hell out of you,” Laurel responded. Cute or vomit-inducing? Sorry, I felt the latter.

NEXT: Naomi and Teddy love the hell out of withholding; Annie plays nurse Naomi: Oscar cut the “let’s sign our marriage license right now” act and asked Naomi out on a proper date, to which she said…perhaps. When Ivy caught sight of their flirty interaction, she was done with Naomi since her new friend couldn’t understand the damage that Brit had done to her family. But the thing is, Naomi actually does know how to be a good friend, and at Adrianna’s extravagant holiday party, she rebuffed Oscar’s “hot” presence (her words, not mine) and later called him to say that even though he’s “hot,” she’s a girl’s girl and Ivy’s friendship outweighed any dalliance they’d have. For a moment, before Naomi walked into her room (in a hotel?), I thought Oscar would be on the bed with roses strewn about or something equally cliché. But, hiding inside was…Mr. Cannon! I was gasping at the sight, but when they showed the promos for next week and I saw that Naomi will clearly be fine, it took the fun out of it. Shouldn’t they avoid that sort of thing?

Teddy: The biggest takeaway from Teddy’s plot was that he has accepted that he’s gay. Finally! The problem was he couldn’t even say the word “gay” out loud, meaning he wasn’t ready to tell people — even though he did want to be with Ian. Ian, who came out in the ninth grade, told Teddy that he didn’t want to go back in the closet and rebuffed Teddy’s wait-for-me offer. But whether it was the air at Aid’s party or Ian’s strange rendition of “Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” by the end of the episode, Teddy wasn’t going to let that conversation be the end of their relationship. He explained that he needed time to understand himself, and ultimately the two wrapped up their gift of a conversation with a passionate kiss. Dixon, who had next to nothing to do last night, was probably bored from the lack of personal plot lines and stumbled upon Teddy and Ian making out. Good! Now Dixon has something to do!

Annie: Oh, Annie. I miss the days of hit-and-runs and creepy filmmaker boyfriends. I’m losing more and more interest in this character. Annie (and briefly Dixon) was there to pick up the pieces after Liam’s brutal beat-down last week. They got him from the hospital and brought him to their home, where Annie played nurse. Of course, this turned naughty. Liam confessed that part of the reason he couldn’t stand half-bro Charlie was because he was jealous. See, he loves Annie and has loved her for a long time. The next natural step for Annie? Cheat on her playwright boyfriend, of course! Last we saw Annie, she was seemingly naked in bed with Liam. But my question was: Where was Mrs. Wilson?! Seriously, do the parents even care?

What did you guys think of the episode? How do you think the Silver-Navid-Aid triangle will fare? And what are your thoughts on Teddy’s developments? Discuss this week’s 90210 below!

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