Naomi moves on from her Cannon trauma, Navid and Adrianna grow further apart, and Teddy gives in to his emotions
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Maybe it was a tryptophan hangover or the effects of too much pie, but after taking Thanksgiving week off, the kids of West Beverly returned last night more confused than ever. What exactly did Navid make of his blossoming feelings for Silver? Where did Oscar’s sudden compassion come from? And seriously, Teddy, what’s going on with this tangled web of emotions in your head? Let’s find out how they grappled with all this angst.

Navid, Silver and Adrianna

Victor, who has gone from omnipresent to barely existent on the show, gave Aid the news that her single was hotter than ever, and the record company was so happy that they tripled her advance. But as they say, more money, more problems. With all her new-found fame and moolah, Aid found herself becoming more vapid, self-absorbed and paparazzi-hungry than ever before. Was I the only one who wanted to chuck that awful white phone—and her Ashton Kutcher Twitter feed—into the Pacific? When Aid was distracted by text messages as Navid began to pour his heart out about his family, he lashed out and flew the coop. And this was where it got complicated. Silver clearly has feelings for Navid, but she has some loyalty to Aid, and her emotions for Teddy are starting to resurface. At the same time, Navid seems to have fallen pretty much totally out of love with Aid and was ready to tell Silver just that…until Silver helped Aid plan a romantic beach dinner for Navid. Friendship, you win this round!


At the beginning of the episode, Teddy was still sailing denial (ha ha), continuing his “I’m not gay” routine. But before the hour was over, we got the moment we’d all been waiting for. First, when Silver bashed Teddy for being a homophobic jerk, Ian defended him, saying he’s actually a good guy. Teddy got wind that Ian had stuck up for him, and if Teddy weren’t so constantly perplexed by his emotions, we could’ve seen his cheeks blush. Then at the luau party, Silver, compelled by her renewed feelings for Teddy, kissed him impulsively, and Teddy, of course, couldn’t reciprocate. Finally, he told Silver that there was someone else, and that camera shot made it pretty obvious who he was talking about. It all culminated in Teddy kissing Ian passionately after the party, a moment that had me literally shouting, “Yay! He’s gay!”


Still smarting from the news that her mother slept with the high school student that she herself lost her virginity to, Ivy was colder than ever to her mom — despite her sunny-hippie wardrobe of floppy hat, cut-off shorts, cowboy boots and pigtail braids. When Laurel realized that her little surfer girl was slipping away, she stomped over to Oscar to scold him for ruining Ivy’s life. Laurel conceded she herself was fair ground for Oscar’s vengeance, but Ivy should’ve been off limits. Well, for someone so gripped by a vendetta, Oscar made the 180 pretty quickly and realized the error in his ways. Ivy didn’t want to hear his apology, but Naomi thought it was genuine and wanted Ivy to see that. That was where Ivy’s storyline ended, but that was okay by me because: 1. Ivy’s kind of boring and 2. Oscar-Naomi is way more interesting than Oscar-Ivy.

NEXT: Naomi injures her nose, then starts to follow her heart.


Post-Cannon life has not been easy, what with her rapist on the loose and sister MIA, so Naomi ripped off the proverbial bandage the best way she knew how: boys. The one she had in mind was Ivy’s surfer friend, and so she coaxed him into thinking she was a totally gnarly surfer, too. Her friends wondered how she’d pull this off considering she didn’t even like to get her hair wet, but “some big fish are worth the frizz.” Of course, her attempt was an epic fail that left her with an injured nose and major rejection by surfer dude. Trust me, Naomi: You want someone that knows the difference between Katsuya and Nobu. But thank goodness Oscar came back to woo her. I was getting scared that the producers wouldn’t capitalize on this amazing pairing. They both realized they were in the same boat, feeling crappy and hoping [insert respective awful circumstances] would end soon, and with that he ordered them some “quackamole.” (Talk about a weirdly distracting way to end that story arc. All I could think of was his awful British accent!)

Mama Wilson and Ryan

This being a recap, I feel obligated to rehash this subplot, but really, I’ve never been into 90210‘s parental storylines — and that didn’t change last night. Alas, after her sudsy sexual dalliance with Ryan, Mama Wilson deemed it inappropriate, since Ryan was both her children’s teacher and Harry’s friend. So after a phone call to Harry’s house and a brief conversation with his new girlfriend, Mama was ready to move onward and upward, even agreeing to sign up for the online dating site that Annie and Dixon prodded her to join. Obviously the kids have to be comfortable with their mom putting herself out there, but was Dixon’s suggestion for the 900-number-style pictures really necessary? And a banana?! After getting 65 messages in response to her more subtle profile photo, Debbie went on a disastrous date made better only after a bathroom romp with Ryan. Seriously, I think they’re watching too much Jersey Shore. Also, was that or was that not Kel (Eric Lutes) from Caroline in the City? Help! Closet Caroline fan needs to know!


Like the rest of our main characters, Liam was all mixed up last night, too, trying to sort out his feelings about Laura. On the one hand, she’s an annoying pest who hasn’t caught on that he hates her. On the other, she got him a job and a roof over his head when he needed it most. But after making it loud and clear that he’s just not that into her and, in turn, making her cry, we got the real deal on Laura. It turned out that the only reason she got into drug dealing was because she wanted to impress her thug boyfriend, Dax, who thought she was Miss Goody Two Shoes. So when Laura saw Dax — who by the way, is most definitely not a Robert Downey Jr.-Zac Efron hybrid — at the luau, she was ready to flee the scene, until Liam pretended to be her boyfriend, even kissing her in front of Dax to make him jealous. Good idea? Hardly! Dax and thug friend #1 beat the crap out of Liam in the parking lot, aaaaand scene! Yep, it’s with that grisly scene that we’ll have to wait for more next week.

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you like the idea of Silver and Navid? Are you as annoyed by Adrianna as I am? And who else was overjoyed to see Teddy and Ian finally kiss? Sound off in the comments below!

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