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October 16, 2018 at 01:59 AM EDT

Newsflash: People can be terrible! Okay, so that’s not news, but it is the truth. It’s also our Theme of the Episode. Not as fun as Humans Getting Stuck in Things, but what can you do? Our first responders have to deal with some real demons out there, which of course they do because they are good people and heroes and have a very high tolerance for jerks.

The Porch Pirate from season 1 is back, but she’s upgraded her scamming to accident insurance fraud (until she gets into a real accident). There are also those hideous people who protest funerals for whatever bigoted reason moves them that day. The leader of the group ends up almost suffocating when his own colostomy bag gets backed-up (that’s right, he’s choking on his own shit) and he refuses medical treatment until an all-white EMT team can arrive on-scene. Hen, Chimney, and Eddie end up working on him anyway once he’s passed out because they are better humans than most.

But we are gathered here today because there are two main Awful People who personally affect our Non-Awful People. Let’s start with what’s going on with Hen.

Hen and Karen are enjoying a glorious afternoon at the park with Michael and their kids (it’s nice that Hen is staying friendly with both Athena and Michael, no?), when who should arrive but Number One Awful Person: Eva. Eva walks right up to little Denny (he has no idea she’s his birth mother) as if there isn’t going to be a problem with it. Thankfully, Hen and Karen notice before she can actually talk to the kid. They tell her to back off; she gave away all of her parental rights. She knows this, but surprise — Denny’s biological dad never did, and he’s standing right behind her. She finally told him he has a son and he wants to meet Denny.

Okay, so yeah, Eva is extra awful.

Hen and Karen hear from their lawyer that the biological father, Nathaniel Green, has a strong case if he really wants to take Denny. They start to spin out. Eva is only doing this to get back at Hen for leaving her because she thinks Hen still loves her after that slip-up. Hen brought her back into their lives. And so Hen decides she’s going to take care of it.

She trails Eva, unsure of what she’s actually going to do but knowing she can’t sit and wait for her son to be taken away from her. She sees her buy drugs and go into her motel room. Hen starts banging on the door, she wants to be let in. And then through the window, she sees that Eva has passed out on the floor with a needle in her arm. Hen breaks into the room, sees Eva basically dying and takes a pause. She could just let Eva die and never have to deal with her again. Hen even gets up and walks toward the door. But you guys, Hen is not one of the Awful People we are here to discuss (although that pause was pretty long). She calls 911 and when Eva comes to, Hen informs her that she also called Eva’s parole officer. She’s headed to the hospital and then right back to prison. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 dollars.

Still, Eva isn’t really the problem anymore: Nathaniel is. Hen has Athena do a background check on the guy and it turns out, he isn’t so awful. Yes, he had a rough patch after his wife died and he started drinking, which landed him in rehab with Eva, but since then he’s lived a model life. If he wants Denny — for visitation or more permanently — it might be hard for a judge to deny him that right. So good thing he’s not awful, huh? He meets with Karen and Hen and tells them that he can see Denny has a good life. They are his parents — they should decide what’s best for Denny. So maybe Nathaniel is sticking around but in a totally cool and not at all scary or heart-breaking way? That’s the best outcome we could really hope for!

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