Liz Lemon learns her ex Floyd is the "Michael Clayton of Cleveland"; meanwhile, Jack tries to bring his boss out of a coma

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S2 E14
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May 02, 2008 at 02:10 PM EDT

The whole Teamster subplot didn’t really cut the mustard, although it did provide a showcase for Jenna, whose decades of boozing come in handy for a drinking contest against a burly Teamster (Brian Dennehy). Jenna’s checkered romantic history is an often overlooked source of amusement, so when she crassly reminded Liz Lemon to hand Floyd her underwear after she goes to the bathroom, or shared that she used to pound at her boyfriend’s frat party — when she was 12 — well, maybe Sandwich Day does have a redeeming purpose after all.

Where to from here? Clearly, Jack’s not going to leave GE to become President Bush’s Homeland Security Director for Crisis and Weather Management, is he? True, it would bring him closer to C.C., and I’m sure he’d do a heckuva job. But as long as Geiss has a pulse, I expect to find Jack by his side, reading him capitalistic tomes and plotting his restoration. As for Liz Lemon, my curiosity isn’t whether she’s pregnant or not, but who was in the position to make that scenario even possible. The Beeper King? (Please, please tell me it’s the Beeper King.) The Coffee Fetus? Grizz? Don’t forget they made out at Kenneth’s wild party. Devon Banks? What else did that elevator surveillance camera record?

So am I way off about last night’s episode being a weak link? Did the subtle environmental references make you nostalgic for Greenzo? And what exactly does ”No Nut Food” mean?

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