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The one thing we can officially say about 24: Legacy is that they don’t mess around. Only six episodes in, and our hero has already seen his best friend murdered in front him and his wife and brother kidnapped. That doesn’t even include the horrific terrorist attack that Amira executed in this installment. I was ready to start this recap talking about a Jenkins spin-off and then, in one instant, the presumed-dead insurgent gains enough consciousness to click the detonator. Truly a shocking moment.

While he doesn’t have much time to mourn his fallen friend, this week begins with Carter kneeling over Ben’s body. Not minutes after having his comrade taken away for good, he has to deal with Locke railing against Ben. Carter comes to his defense: “I’m pinning my hopes on my degenerate friend’s word.”

Well, that faith soon pays off. They were able to save some files on Gabriel’s computer, which has the identities of men recently smuggled into the country. Carter confirms they are Jadalla and his men. All of their IDs have the same address, so Mullins orders them to go directly there. “I deserve to see this through,” Carter exclaims. “To keep them from killing anyone else.” Surprisingly, Mullins puts up little fight and gives the okay.

Having also been given the green light, Amira and Khasan are preparing for their attack. “I raised you better than this,” Papa Terrorist says to his daughter, to no avail. Khasan urges his sister not to listen to their father: “This is our moment.” As they work in the garage, Mr. Harris makes his not-glorious return, bringing the needed chemicals. Noticing the quiet Amira, he returns to his constant state of panic. She’s giving off a sense of trepidation, which isn’t good, because you should never worry a worrier. Harris now seems determined for them to get out of the situation, as he stares a little too long at an unattended gun as the show goes to commercial. FORESHADOWING!

John continues trying to convince his father to confess and help CTU, while Papa Donovan insists on sticking with playing dumb. They won’t be able to hold him much longer, since it’s really just John’s word against his. With the interrogation not going anywhere, John goes to apologize to Nilaa. “I questioned your loyalty,” he confesses. “I’m sorry.” Apology accepted, considering that she’s being pretty chill about the whole thing — but not two seconds later, John is already asking for a favor. Talk about pushing your luck. He needs Nilaa to set up a meeting for him with the head of the party so he can withdraw from the presidential race. Probably for the best.

Just as Carter, Locke, and company are getting to the suspected Jadalla hideout, a news report gets out about the incident at Gabriel’s warehouse. That proves to be trouble, as the terrorists are gone by the time CTU invades the house. Carter is pissed, throwing a chair against the wall. “We had them,” he declares, accusing Locke and his team of letting them get away. “I had them.” Talk about taking your anger out on the wrong people.

After Harris and Khasan have loaded the barrels into the truck, our least favorite teacher gets a gun and some courage. Pulling the weapon on Khasan, Harris tells Amira to get behind him because they’re leaving. Khasan makes a sudden movement, leading Harris to shoot. As her brother lies bleeding on the floor, Amira literally stabs her teacher/lover/co-conspirator in the back. With his last breaths, Khasan implores his sister to finish what he started.

Partly worried about Nicole’s safety and partly a little jealous, Carter sends CTU to pick up Nicole. Reluctantly, Isaac agrees to let her leave. The two have an emotional goodbye, which soon ends up not being a farewell. The CTU agents are shot and a van comes straight for Nicole, prompting Isaac to shield her and get hit. Men jump out and take both members of the Carter clan as they fend off fire from Isaac’s crew. Once they’ve made it away, it’s revealed that Jadalla is behind the abduction. See, this is why when you’re on the run, you don’t go to the first place people would look.

A quick shirt change later, Amira is ready for her mission. She at least has the decency to leave her father alive, a move that backfires. After failing to stop his daughter from going through with this, Papa Terrorist is all of a sudden able to get free from his restraints. Where was that MacGyver-level resourcefulness 30 minutes ago? Looking for Amira, he discovers his son’s body and their plans. When his emotional pleas to Amira fall on deaf ears once again, he calls 911.

In an impressive response time by the authorities, Mullins and Rebecca are immediately notified of the threat. New Stiles is good; she tracks the truck in no time. Amira has already made it to the George Washington Bridge in New York City, so Mullins calls the one officer who is close enough to do anything. Jenkins springs into action, dodging cars and making his way over the bridge. When he spots the truck in question, he fires at the driver. He slowly makes his way around the crashed vehicle, opening the passenger door and telling Mullins that he thinks Amira’s dead. And suddenly, just like the killer in any scary movie, Amira’s eyes flash open, and she has just enough energy to click the detonator. The truck explodes, taking much of the bridge with it.

At a quiet and stunned CTU, Carter and Rebecca reunite, commiserating over what has transpired. Their conversation is interrupted when Carter gets a phone call from Nicole, yelling in the background for her husband not to do what someone asks. That someone is Jadalla, getting some payback against the man who killed his father. He doesn’t just want revenge, though — the terrorist reveals that he needs Carter to bring him a person who can recover the information on the damaged flash drive. If he doesn’t, then Nicole and Isaac are dead.

What did you think? Were you surprised by the terrorist attack? How many laws will Carter break to get his family back? I’m going to set the over/under at 10.

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