Carter continues his pursuit of Ben and the missing flash drive
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Now that’s a little more like the 24 I want to see!

Don’t get me wrong, the third episode of 24: Legacy isn’t going to make anybody forget about Jack Bauer, but it does ratchet up the action and cut back on some of the ridiculousness that has bogged down the franchise. While anything involving Nicole, or Amira and Mr. Harris, is still 24 at its worst, this installment smartly puts Carter in an extended mission that isn’t robbing a police station with no planning. His pursuit of Ben and the flash drive is a big improvement in that department. Plus, we’ve got our first mole twist!

Speaking of moles, Andy is proving that there’s no way that he could be the traitor, considering how he’s currently standing up to Mullins’ interrogation. “Can I get some water?” he asks. “It’s so hot in here. Are you not hot?” As suspicious and sweaty as he might appear, the machines say he’s telling the truth.

Also looking suspicious is Carter, who’s currently trying to figure out how he’s supposed to escape from the barricaded evidence room. The police are gearing up and somehow know a lot about their suspect, including his name and military history. Didn’t we establish that he and Nicole were living under new identities? How did they get all this classified info? Back to more pressing news, Carter (if that’s his name; who knows now) appeals for the help of the non-racist cop, Bates, by telling him the truth. When told he should tell the other cops what’s going on, Carter responds, “I swear to you, there’s no time for that.” On 24, there never is.

Having surprisingly convinced Bates to assist him, Carter takes the explosive off of the racist cop and uses it to blow up a back wall. Bates guides Carter through the station, but the duo is soon surrounded by more cops, prompting Carter to take Bates hostage. The standoff is short lived, though, as Rebecca makes a perfectly timed call to straighten things out. The police go from chasing Carter to assisting him, providing him with a car and team for his meeting with Ben.

Before they can get down to business at CTU, the personnel have to sort out some personal issues. Turns out there was some romance between Locke and Andy, but they recently broke up, which has made Andy pretty salty. Mullins has managed to forgive Rebecca for knocking him over the head and tying him up, yet she still decides she’s in a position to make requests. Namely, she’d like to be the one to bring in Nilaa. “I keep having to remind you that you don’t work here anymore,” Mullins replies, but he still relents. Rebecca calls John to say that she’s on the way and that his campaign manager is being taken into custody.

Forget about high-level terrorism — it’s time to focus on street-level drug dealers and a possible love quadrant. Isaac has left Nicole in the jealous and vengeful hands of Aisha. As she’s sneaking a peek at Aisha’s phone, Nicole gets a call from Eric, letting her know that he’s safe. This is clearly his first season because he naively thinks that this whole thing is almost over (then again, Legacy hasn’t scored a renewal yet). “I promise you,” he tells Nicole, “things are going to be different.” Her concern shifts to Isaac, a situation that Carter couldn’t care less about, but he reconsiders, connecting Nicole with CTU to look into Aisha’s mysterious phone call.

Carter meets up with Mullins and Locke, who will head up the field team. Despite Ben having gone rogue, Carter wants to ensure that his friend makes it out of this alive. “That’s up to him,” says Locke.

“Ben and I served together,” Carter fires back, “and that makes us brothers, no matter what he’s done.”

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To everyone’s great dismay, we have to go check in with femme fatale Amira and the various men she’s played. She’s caught her brother up on the situation, and, probably against better judgment, she convinces him that Mr. Harris can be trusted. They’re still on clean-up duty with Drew’s body when there’s a knock on the door from a student coming to see the teacher. Harris gets rid of the girl, but in the meantime, Drew has apparently risen from the dead. They discover that he has escaped, making a run for the woods.

They follow Drew’s tracks to the school soccer field, where he’s fallen — but as they try to sneak him away, a ball rolls by, and the girl who comes to retrieve it notices Drew on the ground. Amira and Harris play dumb as an ambulance is called. Despite having his head smashed in, Drew is in stable condition. While Harris insists they disappear, Amira decides that she’ll go to the hospital and finish Drew off. The story is spaced throughout the episode, but I thought it best to get through it swiftly.

Rebecca has finally made it to John’s campaign event, even if it’s not under ideal circumstances. She lets him know about the situation with Nilaa. He’s taking the news hard, as Nilaa has been with him for years, working her way up from the bottom to become his campaign manager. Still acting like she runs CTU, Rebecca handles questioning Nilaa, who denies all the accusations, claiming she goes running every day during the time of the leak. Rebecca finds no evidence of such a run, but she does find an image from a nearby bank showing Nilaa in the campaign HQ right before the hack. I’ve seen a lot of convincing moles in my day, but Nilaa does seem truly shocked.

Having started as enemies only two episodes ago, new Stiles and Andy are becoming fast friends. They bond over relationship talk and intercepting the call made by Aisha to the Dominicans. Once the info is retrieved, it’s sent over to Nicole, who steps away to listen. Aisha and the random dude she seduced are becoming suspicious. Aisha walks in on Nicole, demanding to see her phone. I’m sensing a little Teri-and-Nina vibe here (on a much lower interest scale).

Carter and company have arrived at the station. Mullins hangs back to follow them wherever they might go next, while Locke stays close behind Carter. Over the phone, Ben guides his friend through the station and onto a train. Ben, rightfully suspicious, is positioned in the next car. He divulges that they’re headed to the drive.

Back at the Donovan estate, Papa Donovan is summoned by Uncle Luis. And we officially have our first “didn’t see that coming” moment. The photo of Nilaa that Rebecca found is a fake, manufactured by Luis. Why would he do that? Because Papa Donovan was the leak. (Why, Dr. K?!) He at least seems to feel a little bad about it, which Luis doesn’t want to hear. “It’s our only play,” he says. “Unless you’re ready to burn down John’s campaign and everything you spent your life trying to build.” Then Luis lays on the guilt even thicker, pushing a pic of Papa Donovan and John closer to his brother-in-law. Dang, cold-blooded move.

Meanwhile, on the train, Ben makes his approach, sitting down next to his friend. “I didn’t want it to go like this,” he says. “I didn’t have a choice.” He may have threatened to sell the info to the terrorists, but Ben has a plan! Pulling out a brochure, he reveals that he hopes to move near some glacier lakes (presumably to get clean), and he even recommends that Carter and Nicole come join him. Carter doesn’t care, throwing plenty of Ranger shame at his troubled comrade.

They’ve finally reached their destination. After Carter hands over the money, Ben pulls the flash drive from his secret hiding spot in a panel on the station wall. As the deal is about to be finished, Locke spots Khalid’s men making an approach, and before you know it, we’ve got a full-on shootout. Chaos ensues: Locke takes a bullet; Ben, feeling betrayed, knocks out Carter; Carter, upon recovering, goes in pursuit of Ben.

He’s not the only one after his friend. The terrorists have caught up to Ben, and Khalid himself is handling this mission. In a move that would surely make his father proud, Khalid has recovered the flash drive and is about to kill Ben — but that’s a mission he can’t complete, as Carter appears just in time. What ensues is by far the best action sequence yet on Legacy. Carter chases after Khalid, dodging traffic and leaping on cars, looking like a true hero. Then he gets hit by a car. Hey, it’s only day one; the man is still learning the ropes. This delay allows Khalid and the flash drive to get away.

What did you think? Was this an improvement on the first two episodes? Is anyone else confused about why 69-year-old Gerald McRaney is the father of 61-year-old Jimmy Smits?

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