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16 and Pregnant

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You know your financial situation is desperate when you invest in a gold-mining kit. But as future teen parents, without college degrees, your options are limited, and when you live in Arizona, do as the Arizonans. When a mall security job wasn’t adequately erasing Aubrey and Brandon’s mounting debt, Brandon, aka Old Prospector, got creative. I really hope these two can cash in on a few ounces of gold to help them stay afloat, but then again, I’m someone who’s always envisioned myself marrying Prince William. Some things just aren’t meant to be.

Give Brandon credit for trying, but spending $91 on the aforementioned kit was also not the first of his questionable get-out-of-debt-quick ideas. Mom-to-be Aubrey was blinded by love and had dropped out of high school and moved in with her older man before she got pregnant. Once a baby was on the way, Brandon lost his job, and the couple was quickly evicted from their apartment. Not to worry, because Brandon was putting feelers out. “I want to apply at Best Buy…it’s something I could do, right? Probably. Unless they ask me about anything computers,” he said. No matter, I usually go to Best Buy for their quality meats, and I liked the way he was frying that bacon.

Brandon and Aubrey found shelter at her grandmother’s house, although it was clear — and awesome — that she did not really want them to be there. Add in the inevitable baby, and Nema let her true grouch show. “I’m not very anxious to have a baby in the house, like I said, been there, done that, and I’m not very crazy about babies and they make me nervous!” Preach.

Aubrey’s grandma repeatedly lectured the kids of the importance of saving and attempted to pry a move-out date from their broke little fingers. In her mind, it’s all very easy: Don’t go out to eat, don’t shop, and save your money. But they’re really trying! They don’t go out to eat…often. And they don’t go shopping…often. Grandma wasn’t buying it. Watching this conversation even made me squirm. What powers does the woman possess? It was as if Grandma knows when I stop at Anthropologie after work. (But Nema, it’s right across the street!).

Grandma wasn’t alone, as almost everyone in Aubrey’s life appeared skeptical or visibly frustrated by the decision she was making. Her friend waxed poetic about her “future,” and rendered it impossible for Aubrey to make anything of her life once she was tied down by a family. “I want just want to be able to do so much stuff, that like having a baby and having a husband would like restrict, you know? [sic],” said not-so supportive friend #1. Meanwhile, Aubrey’s family members reinforced the fact that raising a baby is hard work. Her Aunt Heidi even tried to test her commitment on her wedding day by reminding her, “it’s a marriage, not a school dance.” But Aubrey was determined to take the next step, and nothing — not even her aunt’s disapproval of her fugly shoe choice, could stop her.

NEXT: Aubrey takes control of her career — hubby’s objections be damned!

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