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Hannah Baker sends 13 tapes to the people who played a role in her decision to end her life

EPISODE 6: “Tape 3, Side B”

1. Alex is not calm.

When Montgomery nearly hits him with his car, the two boys get in one helluva fight, and Alex pretty much gets the s— kicked out of him — but don’t worry, his dad is proud of him for standing up for himself. An emergency meeting of the student honor board — chaired by the ever-honorable Marcus — lets Alex off and suspends Montgomery.

2. Valentine’s Day is celebrated at Liberty High with a dollar Valentine survey.

The students fill out a questionnaire describing who they want to be with, and they’re matched up on dates with their classmates. Unfortunately, despite describing Clay to a T, Hannah doesn’t match with him since Jeff hijacked Clay’s answers in an attempt to make him more dateable.

3. The school is really worried about covering its own ass when it comes to bullying, which is entirely the wrong approach to the situation.

4. Sheri doesn’t think Clay is an a—hole.

In the present day, he offers to help her with a paper, and they end up making out on his bed but stop when it’s clear Clay’s mind is on Hannah and not her. Sheri then blurts out that she doesn’t want Clay to listen to her tape and think she’s a terrible person. He didn’t even know she was on the tapes until she brought it up and now is worried she wanted him to like her so he wouldn’t judge her when he does listen. She tells him that she genuinely likes him and it would kill her if he heard what was on the tapes. She really wants him to give up the tapes, but Clay now thinks that’s the only reason she kissed him. He tells her to leave.

5. James Madison wasn’t a “mad stoner,” as Jeff thinks – luckily he has Clay as a tutor to set him straight.

6. Clay used to watch Lord of The Rings on repeat because he’s a legend.

7. Sheri has always wanted to set Hannah up.

The Valentine’s Day survey puts Bryce at the top of Hannah’s list and Hannah at the top of Marcus’ list. Not the desired result for Hannah. Marcus calls to asks Hannah out, and she finally relents, then — because this school is just brimming with top-notch guys — he shows up an hour late to their date with an entourage of friends because of this logic: “Make a girl wait, and if she’s still there when you show, she’s DTF.” Ugh. With this in mind he tries to grope her, but she pushes him off, and he leaves with an angry, “I thought you were easy.” Hannah just sits there stunned, thinking this was somehow her fault and that she’ll be alone for the rest of her life.

8. Justin’s mom is going through one of her “things”.

She’s broken up with her boyfriend and is not in a good place (think: drugs). Jessica comes over to see Justin since he’s been MIA, but when she propositions him, he pushes her away – literally, with some force. She storms out in tears and steals a bottle of vodka on her way.

9. Hannah’s parents can’t accept that Hannah was such a mystery to them.

They’ve been going through her room, and so far they only have circumstantial evidence to bring against the school in their case. Mrs. Baker can’t understand how they didn’t know their daughter was in so much pain. Andy tells her they can’t only blame themselves, but Mrs. Baker thinks they focused too much on the store and not enough on her. It seems Hannah also experienced some bullying in her previous high school, and that was art of the reason for the family’s move.

10. Clay’s mom really wants him to talk to her.

She can’t help him if he doesn’t open up, but he tells her she can’t help anyway. She looks utterly despondent as he closes his bedroom door in her face.

11. Hannah still wants to believe there are good guys in the world.

So when Zach comes back to the diner alone this time, she lets him sit with her.

12. Jessica’s dad warns her (and essentially the boys of Liberty) that he’ll kill anyone that hurts her.

She responds by gulping down some vodka straight from the bottle in her bed. Not a good sign.

13. Hannah did her research on epitaphs for gravestones.

“Don’t try” was the best one she could find. She wonders what will be on hers.

Ruth Kinane

Episode grade: A-

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