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The original gang is back—and they aren't going down without a fight.

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S2 E16
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March 13, 2015 at 06:08 PM EDT

How does one even begin a recap an episode like that? Last week’s “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” started chipping away at what we were expecting in a finale—and “Part Two” just blew up those expectations completely. Everyone had theories about what might happen with the Sky People/Mountain Men confrontation, and some of those came true. But if you foresaw THAT ending coming, well your name must be Jason Rothenberg. And we all bow down to you. This was exactly what a season finale should be—shocking, but not just for shock value—there was character growth, deaths, and deep revelations that will carry us into season 3—which I already can’t wait for. But before I get carried away, let’s talk “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two.”

Octavia, being left in the tunnels by Jackson and Indra, is still just waiting. It doesn’t seem like she has a plan, but she is excited when she hears the chute open … until she sees it’s Fox. Naturally, she prepares for the Reaper who’s coming to claim the body. Except it’s Clarke—and unhinged Clarke: She starts banging on the Harvest Chamber door and trying to shoot the keypad. Octavia tells her to pull it together: “Everyone is always counting on you.” But the leader is basically out of options: “I am doing the best I can.”

Lucky for her, Bellamy opens the door just a moment later. He, Monty, Jasper, and a Hazmat-besuited Maya come out. Clarke gets them up to date on the no-longer-an-alliance situation. As they’re known to do, the gang makes a few game-time decisions: Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty will go seek help from Dante. Octavia, Jasper, and Maya will sneak into Level 5 to get Maya more oxygen, as hers is depleting fast.

Level 5 is where the Undergrounders have all gathered in the mess hall, but also where the dorm-turned-makeshift-harvest-chamber is—and the two rooms are juxtaposed against each other so well throughout the episode. In the “dorm,” the Mountain Men have tied up all the Sky People, including Raven and Wick. Emerson comes in with four more Sky People he rounded up. It’s Monroe, Miller’s dad (reunion alert!), Kane, and Abby. Cage tells Abby he’s sorry it had to come to this. But are you really Cage? Because you seem to enjoy bloodshed a little too much. I mean did you ever think of ASKING the Sky People if they could help you get to the Ground? They’re generally nice people when you’re not trying to kill them. Abby is a doctor. I’m sure they could have figured out a way.

Anyway, Cage doesn’t have time to think of rational ways out of this situation. He just needs to drill, baby drill, and he picks Raven as his next subject. As they’re strapping her to the table, she bites off part of a guard’s neck. It’s disgusting—and at the same time amazing to see how far these people are willing to go to save themselves. Cage should have taken this as a sign.

Cut from Raven’s screams to a shot of Goya’s Saturn (also known as Saturn Devouring His Son—ah the symbolism!) in Dante’s room when Clarke, Monty, and Bellamy arrive. He doesn’t seem surprised at all that Clarke has already infiltrated Mount Weather, but he is angry with her for risking his people’s lives by cutting the power; she’s angry for obvious reasons. “We’re the good guys here—not you,” Clarke says.

As they take Dante to the Control Room, Clarke asks why he isn’t with his people. He says: “After what I’ve done, they can be free. I can’t. Deliverance comes at a cost; I bear it so they don’t have to.” And in that moment Bellamy realizes that Dante was the one who called the truce, not Cage. It’s almost as if no one is angry about it, though; they just understand he was doing what he could do free his people—exactly what they’re doing now.

Once in the Control Room, Monty boots up the power so they can view the cameras on Level 5. They see Raven tied to the table and that Abby has been captured as well. This just became more than Clarke saving her people; now she’s saving her mother. She radios Emerson and asks to speak to Cage. She lets him know she has his dad, who she will kill if her people aren’t released. It’s a scene charged with emotion—the most we’ve seen from Cage ever. He listens through the walkie-talkie as Clarke cocks the gun. The distress on his face is apparent, but he refuses to stand down: “Dad, I’ll take care of our people,” he says as his way of saying no.

You don’t want to feel empathy for Cage, but at the same time, it’s true what Dante says: “None of us has a choice here, Clarke.” “I didn’t want this,” she says. “Neither did I,” he says as she shoots him. They both were out of options and it had to happen this way—even though neither wanted it. (And I honestly hate to lose Dante as a character.) But Clarke doesn’t stop there—she tells Cage to let her people go or else she’ll irradiate all of Level 5. She wants him to stop the drilling so they can find a way to get everyone out alive. But shooting his father to prove she’s serious probably isn’t the best way to get that message across, so Cage goes “blood for blood” in his own Undergrounder way. He heads to the “dorm,” where he asks Raven to be taken off the table and Abby to be put on.

NEXT: Octavia reminds everyone she’s a Grounder now

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