Alice Cullen is looking into the past for a change. Twilight star Ashley Greene announced on Wednesday that she's co-hosting The Twilight Effect, a rewatch podcast for the franchise that launched a million Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debates. Alongside her friend, Melanie Howe, Greene is going to revisit all five films, from the baseball game that started it all to the final fight sequence that stunned audiences.

Additionally, the 30-episode podcast will feature interviews with some of Greene's former cast members. Among those confirmed to participate are Kellan Lutz (who played Emmett), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle).

EW sat down with Greene to discuss the podcast, which will launch its first two episodes on Tuesday, March 15. Below, see what she had to say about revisiting such a pivotal time in her life.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Rewatch podcasts are all the rage right now, but how did this one come together?

ASHLEY GREENE: There was a big of a resurgence of Twilight because of it being on Netflix and now it's on Peacock. All of a sudden people were talking about this again and I started seeing that some of our OG fans were rewatching but then we had this new slew of fans that were living it for the first time. To see those two groups come together was really cool. I started feeling nostalgic. I love our fans; I think they're incredible. I know everyone probably argues their fans are the best but our fans are pretty top-notch, so I was like, "It would be cool to be in my state of nostalgia with other people." It's been really cool and it did do exactly what I hoped it would do — I get to sit down and we're rewatching the films, which we've just rewatched the first one so far and it's wild to be able to view this from my adult perspective and kind of removed a little bit and see a bit more of what the fans saw. Because when you're in it, it's a little hard to separate and you can't enjoy it as a whole. And then we really wanted to make this about fan engagement. I want to engage them as much as possible.

What was it like to rewatch the baseball scene?

It's always so fun because what you see on screen could not have been further from what we shot. We actually discuss this on one of the episodes, that was the first scene that we shot of the entire movie. It was a little bit chaotic and it was raining. We were, as a cast, kind of like, "What is this going to be? Is this going to be good?" There was a bit of uncertainty around it. I lied, I don't know how to play baseball and I'm like, "Is this going to look good?" Wouldn't you know it it turns out to be this kind of iconic moment for Alice. But we couldn't see [director] Catherine's [Hardwicke] vision. Catherine is brilliant, but she's an artist, so it's a little bit chaotic and less structured on set so we couldn't see this finished version. That scene in particular for me is one that I'm just like holy s--t, it turned out fantastic and I never would've envisioned it on the days that we were shooting it. Part of that's editing, part of that's music, part of it was the genius that is Catherine.

Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe
| Credit: Kast Media

Have you recorded any of the interviews with your former co-stars yet?

Yep, we've done some of the recording. We wanted to pause because we think it's important to get fan feedback and see what's resonating with them. But we've done a couple of episodes with some of my favorite cast members. It's been really fun, you don't know what to expect, you kind of have to go with the flow a little bit with each guest because everyone's experience was different. I think we're all to the age now where we're a bit more comfortable sharing what truly went on behind the scenes, because when we were in it, you just want something to be yours. There was so much hysteria. Now it's really cool to see everyone go like, "Let's go back and really dive into what that was for us and what the effect was on us."

When you're with a project, particularly a popular one, for so long, it's always interesting to see how people's attitudes change from being excited in the beginning to maybe feeling kind of over it to often coming back around when it all ends.

It was a rollercoaster and that's what I think we finally get to admit at this point that it was a rollercoaster of emotions. We did have ups and downs, and it wasn't perfect all the time. Yeah we're part of something that's incredible and that we're all really grateful for but you know, there were some negatives that came along with it and there were also some moments where I think some of us cracked a little bit under the pressure. Looking into that, the human part of it, has been really great. 

Going into this, was there one question in particular you were dying to ask one of your co-stars?

Mel, my counterpart, who is one of my best friends but also a true Twi-hard, she gets to ask all of Mel's burning questions, all of the things that she has never asked me or that she's always wanted to know about my cast mates that I will not ask my cast mates. She gets to have a lot of the fun there and ask all of the things the fans are probably actually wondering. My question that we ask everyone is: What was your Twilight effect? Because I think it's been different for everyone. Mine's very different probably than what Peter's was because he was established going into Twilight. Asking what was the effect of Twilight on your life is always fascinating to me.

I know you put out a request for questions on social media. What is the most asked questions by the fans?

Even now I get Team Edward or Team Jacob and I'm like obviously I'm Team Edward, I have an affinity for vampires at this point. And then I still get, "Are you friends still with Rob and Kristen?" And in general: "Are you still close with the cast?" I think everyone's curious as to whether or not we liked each other, if we still feel like a family or not.

Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone in 'Breaking Dawn'
| Credit: Andrew Cooper/Summit

Speaking of, what's the likelihood Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart shows up on the podcast?

I'm certainly not telling you because that would be one of the biggest surprises. [Laughs] But going into this I was like, "We'll ask everybody and then whoever wants to participate will," but I can tell you the response has been very good thus far. I know how I feel but you don't know how everyone else feels and what their experience was truly and if this is something that's nostalgic to them, if it's something they want to move past. I was curious to see that. At the end of the day, we all went through something together that a lot of people won't understand so there's still that bond there, even if I haven't seen some of them in three, four years. A lot of them have been like, "Yeah I'll come back and talk about that."

You're still very much in this, but what's been your biggest takeaway from this experience thus far?

It's been interesting for me to see that, at its core, I think we all had a similar experience and are now looking at it from a different perspective. I wasn't sure if people had a wildly different experience than me. As humans, we all kind of have the same memory of what it was like to go through those things. That for me has been cool because we're all so different but for some reason there's something that's very similar about us too.

If you've only rewatched the first film, is there a scene/moment coming up you're excited to revisit?

I loved the fight sequence in Breaking Dawn. For me it's a cool Alice moment. That scene took two weeks to shoot and was one of the best and worst experiences for a lot of us. It was great for a lot of reasons and it was bad for a lot of reasons and I'm excited to break that down for everyone. There were many cast members in that so I'm interested to hear everyone else's experiences for that scene because it was one of the only times that we were all together.

Has anything surprised you about the interviews you've done so far?

I've been surprised at how open they've been. I recognize at this point in my life I'm quite open and willing to share, but I don't know where they're at and if they want to be open about these things. I'm always really conscious when I share things. If it is an interaction between me and another co-star, I won't share that. I'll allow them to share that because that was really important to me that I'm not just here airing out everyone's laundry. That's not what this is. But it's been really pleasantly surprising how willing and open people have been when they come on the podcast.

The Twilight Effect launches March 15.

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