Lowe is joined by his Parks and Recreation costar on the first episode of new podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe. Listen to an exclusive clip.

Can't get enough of Rob Lowe from Fox's 911: Lone Star and all those West Wing reruns on Netflix? Well then, Stitcher has an offer for you: The podcast producer will drop a new one Thursday featuring the actor, and EW has an exclusive clip from the first episode with Lowe's Parks and Recreation costar Chris Pratt (listen above).

Literally! With Rob Lowe will showcase the 56-year-old actor's gift for gab as he interviews celebrities like Pratt, Lakers legend Magic Johnson (episode 2), Keegan Michael-Key, Gwyneth Paltrow, Conan O'Brien, and more. "I think that what makes the podcast interesting is authenticity of the host, in the sense that anything could happen," Lowe tells EW. "Because podcasts are a direct result of other talk formats getting overly scripted and overly produced. So you have to be authentic, to not give a f—, and you've got to let it all hang out. It just so happens that that's the same rule for writing a successful memoir or producing a one man show. You have to be willing to mine your own weaknesses, as well as your strengths, usually for laughs."

The podcast, which is co-produced by Team Coco, got its name from a word that Lowe has a tendency to use ... a lot. Lowe would drop the word "literally" so much while he was starring on NBC's Parks and Recreation that co-creator Mike Schur wrote it into the script. Schur will also be a future guest on the podcast.

"Podcasts are really the only place today where you could get the kind of interviews that I grew up with everywhere," Lowe tells EW. "You'd watch the Tonight Show and somebody who's great can come on and tell a 20-minute story, or you could read the Playboy interview ... Those things are sort of gone and now, that all takes place on the podcast. I wanted to do one because it was a natural progression from like two books to my one-man show. It felt like the next organic step."

Literally! With Rob Lowe can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and all major podcast apps beginning Thursday.

-Reporting by Omar Sanchez

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