The comedian and writer dedicated the latest episode of his podcast to his late partner: "I was a better person when I was engaged with her."
Marc Maron and director Lynn Shelton
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On Monday, comedian and podcaster Marc Maron devoted the latest episode of his WTF podcast to his late partner, independent filmmaker and TV director Lynn Shelton ( Mad MenGLOW, Little Fires Everywhere), who died Friday at age 54 from a previously unidentified blood disorder.

The majority of the latest installment of WTF was comprised of an interview Maron conducted with Shelton back in 2015, with a touching tribute to the filmmaker prefacing the repurposed footage. “She was my partner," began Maron. "She was my girlfriend. She was my friend. And I loved her. A lot. And she loved me, and I knew that. I don’t know that I had ever felt what I felt with her before. I do know, actually. I did not. I have not. I was getting used to love in the way of being able to accept it and show it properly in an intimate relationship. I was so comfortable with this person, with Lynn Shelton. … I was able to exist in a place of self-acceptance because of her love for me. I made her laugh all the time. She made me laugh. We were happy.”

On Sunday, Maron released a statement regarding Shelton's death, saying that "she collapsed yesterday morning after having been ill for a week. There was a previously unknown, underlying condition. It was not COVID-19. The doctors could not save her. They tried. Hard." During the podcast, Maron added that he was allowed into the hospital to spend some time with her before her death. “And I did that…And now this process is happening," he said. "She was an amazing woman. She was an inspiration. She was a determined artist. So many people loved her. No one has anything bad to say about Lynn Shelton, that’s for f—ing sure.”

Maron and Shelton — who most recently collaborated on Shelton’s 2019 comedy-drama Sword of Trust — met back in 2015, while she was married to someone else and he had a different partner, but their "undeniable connection" won out. "My connection with her is almost seamless," he said. "I have no self-consciousness when I’m with her. I was always better with her. I was a better person when I was engaged with her, as a guitar player, as a lover, as a human, as an actor. I was better in Lynn Shelton’s gaze.”

Hear Maron’s full tribute to Lynn Shelton above.

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