The beloved actor will voice the elf sorcerer Balmur on season 2 of Dark Dice.

Jeff Goldblum's mellifluous tones are coming soon to a podcast near you. It won't just be any podcast, either: The beloved star of films like Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok is joining the voice cast of the Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dark Dice for their upcoming season.

Dark Dice is a horror-themed D&D podcast that uses a diverse soundscape — including an original soundtrack featuring an orchestra of more than 30 medieval instruments and a live choir singing in Infernal, Icelandic, and Elvish — to make its role-playing experience even more immersive. The show has already completed one season, and the second is about to kick off. According to the show's latest post to Patreon subscribers, season 1 is not necessary for understanding season 2.

The new season will find Goldblum performing the role of the elven sorcerer Balmur, who is searching for his daughter's missing locket. Check out an illustration of the character below.

The season 2 premiere, the first episode to include Goldblum, will be released May 12. New episodes come out monthly.

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