The new Audible Original comedy podcast sees the SNL star working with Cynthia Nixon, Jane Lynch, Bianca Del Rio, Mj Rodriguez, and more to swipe some prized biological material from the government.

The newest season of Saturday Night Live may be over, but Bowen Yang fans won't have to wait too long to hear the star perform more gut-busting material.

Yang leads the all-queer ensemble of Hot White Heist, a new scripted comedy podcast that EW has the exclusive trailer for below.

In short, the six-episode action comedy is about a sperm bank heist. But if that hilarious, three word concept isn't all the convincing one may need to give it a listen, the plot follows a group of queer contemporaries across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum as they get into a sticky situation trying to steal the U.S. government's valuable stash of said hot white substance, collected from some of history's greatest minds — and Ronald Reagan. The goal is to then sell that supply on the black market and use the money to buy an island that they can turn into a queer paradise.

In addition to Yang, the voice cast is stacked with over a dozen of beloved LGBTQIA+ entertainers including Cynthia Nixon, Abbi Jacobson, Jane Lynch, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, Mj Rodriguez, Shannon Woodward, John Cameron Mitchell, Cheyenne Jackson,, Peppermint, Tony Kushner, Stephanie Beatriz, Jonathan Bailey, Brian McCook as Katya Zamolodchikova, and Alan Cumming, who also directed all the episodes.

Hot White Heist is written, created and produced by Adam Goldman (The Outs), and is produced by Broadway Video and Club Cumming Productions. The Audible Original arrives on the platform on June 17.

Listen to the full trailer for the series above.

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