By Christian Holub
February 20, 2019 at 11:08 AM EST
Credit: Marvel

Is there anything Wolverine can’t do? The most popular X-Man has been a comic book character, a cartoon, a video game star, and a live-action hero played by Hugh Jackman. Lately, he’s even become the first Marvel superhero to enter the world of podcasting. Last year, Marvel launched Wolverine: The Long Night, a multi-part fiction podcast about Wolverine’s mysterious sojourn in Alaska. Now the trailer for the upcoming sequel podcast, Wolverine: The Lost Trail has arrived.

Richard Armitage (Hannibal, The Hobbit) returns in the role of Wolverine, who is on the hunt for his ex-lover Maureen. The search brings him to New Orleans, where Logan hears of a mysterious bayou sanctuary called Greenhaven. Wolverine teams up with a young boy named Marcus Baptiste (newcomer Rodney Henry), whose mother has recently gone missing, and together they explore “the gothic heart of the bayou.” If the movie Logan was any indication, Wolverine actually works well with young kids!

Aside from Armitage, celebrated comic writer and author Benjamin Percy also returns to write the new show.

“In the first season, Logan remained largely in the shadows, a mystery even to himself—and a small Alaskan town was put under the microscope and slowly unburdened of its secrets,” Percy said in a statement. “The second season flips the paradigm. Logan is not the destination of the story, he is the driver. The center of the narrative. The investigative format remains, but in this case, Logan is our savage detective. And instead of burrowing into a single location, we’ll journey through many—both urban and rural—on a quest. The stage is Louisiana. Not only is this a rich audio environment—alive with jazz and bullfrogs and fanboats and snapping alligators—but it’s ultimately a place where history lives. And given that Logan’s memory was slowly coming back to him in the last season, that’s something that will be deeply relevant to our character and his mission in The Lost Trail.”

Wolverine: The Lost Trail premieres March 25 on Stitcher Premium, and will be released across all podcast platforms later in the year. Its predecessor Wolverine: The Long Night is currently available in full wherever podcasts are found.

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