By Darren Franich
January 28, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST
Clay Enos/TNT

TNT's new miniseries I Am the Night isn't a new mystery classic. But it is prime new entry in a hyper-specific TV subgenre: Shows Where People Have Visions Of Symbolic Horned Beasts. See also Hannibal, American Gods, and the first season of True Detective — and none of those shows had Chris Pine looking great while various people punch his beautiful face.

On the third episode of EW's TV podcast Best of Shows, Kristen Baldwin and I discuss I Am the Night, which debuts Monday. We also (try to) watch both documentaries about the disastrous Fyre Fest. Netflix produced Fyre, but Hulu debuted its Fyre Fraud first — and only one of them is worth your time.

Also on the docket: The perplexing, exciting, well-deserved, oddly discouraging Netflix success of You, one of Kristen's favorite shows from last year. What does it mean when a cable show can't get any viewers on cable? Sticking with the Netflix theme, we also explore the new series Russian Doll, and rhapsodize over the new classic British comedy W1A.

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