The coitus was a big deal. So were the subsequent nuptials.

But if Mayim Bialik had her way, she might have handled Amy and Sheldon's story differently if she were in charge of the writers' room for The Big Bang Theory.

"To be quite honest, I don't know if Jim [Parsons] and I would have planned it this way if we were the writers," Bialik said on EW's latest Chasing Emmy podcast. "I was pretty surprised when we had coitus, and was pretty surprised when we had the season finale the year before last when he proposes. I honestly didn't know if she was going to say yes.

"Everything is out of character until you do it and then it's part of your character," Bialik continued. "Honestly, I enjoyed being the longest running romantic and intimate, non-sexual relationship on television. I thought our characters accomplished and achieved all of the things important to them in their relationship."

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