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The films of Richard Linklater, ranked
From stoner comedies to true-to-life romances and experimental classics, Richard Linklater’s career has breadth. Check out EW’s definitive ranking of all of Linklater’s films to date.
Vanessa Hudgens reveals why she returned to High School Musical set in nostalgic Instagram photo
Both Hudgens and Zac Efron visited the real life high school all the movies were shot at within a month of each other — now she tells EW how and why that happened.

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Yeah, Zac Efron's mom was wondering what was going on with his jawline, too
In a recent interview, Efron debunked plastic surgery rumors — which apparently even his mom asked him about.
Zac Efron returns to his High School Musical roots in mysterious new photo: 'Don't you forget about me'

'HSM' alum Vanessa Hudgens shared a similar post last month, leaving fans wondering if their favorite teen couple will return to East High.