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Michael Keaton looks back on Batman, Beetlejuice, and more of his memorable roles
The acting MVP — who stars in two new films, action-thriller The Protégé and the 9/11 drama Worth — looks back at a life's work from Beetlejuice to Batman, Shakespeare to Spotlight and beyond.
Amanda Knox says Stillwater is 'fictionalizing away' her innocence and profiting off her story
Knox says the film from Tom McCarthy and starring Matt Damon is harmful to her reputation.
Matt Damon on the surprising life lessons he learned shadowing roughnecks for Stillwater
The Oscar winner and his costar Abigail Breslin talk about their new film, which hits theaters Friday.
Cannes lineup returns with Wes Anderson, Sean Penn, record number of women-directed films
Cannes returns with a 2021 lineup that includes new movies by Wes Anderson, Sean Penn, Todd Haynes, and a record number of women directors.

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