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The Flash star breaks down those 2 shocking deaths and that massive pre-finale twist
"The lovely thing about this is you didn't see that moment coming," Tom Cavanagh says. "We've got some more of that on the way."
Katherine McNamara warns that 'darker forces' will tempt Mia Queen on The Flash
'She feels as though she failed not only the city and William, but her father and the legacy that has been placed upon her.'
The Flash faces down Despero in 'Armageddon' crossover first-look photos
Showrunner Eric Wallace teases that "the Flash is about to have the worst day he's ever had in eight years."
The Flash reveals 'Armageddon' event's big bad: DC Comics' Despero
Here's what you need to know about The Flash's newest villain, played by Doctor Who's Tony Curran.

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The Flash recruits Batwoman, Atom, Mia Queen, and more for 5-part event
Black Lightning's Cress Williams is also confirmed for the"emotional" "Armageddon" event, along with Chyler Leigh, Tom Cavanagh, Neal McDonough, and Osric Chau.
The Flash boss discusses [SPOILER]'s return and teases season 8's 'special event' episodes
Showrunner Eric Wallace also reveals which element of season 7 was originally supposed to happen in season 8 but got moved up because of the pandemic.
The Flash boss unpacks Wells' fate and shares 7 more teases for season 7

Showrunner Eric Wallace previews what's in store for Barry, Iris, Cisco, and the rest of the gang after the season 7 premiere.