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Yes, Khani and Matt from Longest Third Date are still together: 'We're dog parents'
An impromptu decision to fly to Costa Rica for a third date left the two stranded for three months during the height of the pandemic lockdown.
Billy Porter slams criticism of his James Baldwin biopic: 'Question me at your own peril'
The 'Pose' star warned critics after Tamron Hall asked him about them doubting his ability to portray the queer writer in a new movie.
Stephanie Mills makes Tamron Hall sob over sweet performance alongside son with Down syndrome
"This is my baby," Mills said while performing her signature hit "Never Knew Love Like This Before" with her son. "Mommy loves you."
Tamala Jones says she filmed 'whole day' of For Your Love amid brain hemorrhage: 'I hit the floor'
"My right foot was so heavy I had to put my left foot manually on the brake and move the gas pedal. I drove to work, left foot, left hand, worked all day," Jones told Tamron Hall.
Julio Iglesias Jr. uses his father's love songs to get 'in the mood' with girlfriend
The singer shocked Tamron Hall by admitting that his father's music soundtracks his romance with his lover.

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Laura Coates alleges she was snubbed as possible Jeopardy host despite Alex Trebek's support

"I asked for the opportunity and was told no," the CNN senior legal analyst and SiriusXM host, told Tamron Hall.