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The Stephen King Ultimate Companion book: The most interesting things we learned
What was the original title of Salem's Lot? Which of his books does King think should be half the length? How did an accepting an award almost kill the famous author? Read on to find out!
Clive Barker adaptations, ranked
The journeyman artist is a painter, screenwriter, and film director, but most of all an author of all things spooky, weird, and darkly sublime.
The best dystopian novels of all time
While the world may feel hopelessly dystopian, these works of classic and modern fiction hold up a mirror with entertaining stories of our worst possible futures.
Fairy Tale review: Stephen King's epic story takes an unexpected turn
Teenage hero Charlie Reade embarks on a fantastical journey in the horror author's new novel.
Peter Straub, horror author and Stephen King collaborator, dies at 79
Together Straub and King penned 1984's The Talisman and its 2001 sequel, Black House.

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