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Don't Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde won't say she 'fired' Shia LaBeouf: 'I chose my actress'
'When he gave me the ultimatum of him or Florence [Pugh], I chose Florence, and that was him feeling he was stepping away, and me feeling like we were moving on without him.'
Jon Batiste exits The Late Show With Stephen Colbert after 7 years
The bandleader and recent Grammy winner will be replaced by Louis Cato.
Stephen Colbert says arrested Late Show staffers committed 'first-degree puppetry'
The late-night host unpacked the events leading to the arrests of a group of his staffers, including the voice behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
Late Show staffers, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog arrested for illegal entry at U.S. Capitol
Robert Smigel, who voices Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, was among the Late Show staff arrested.

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