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What to expect in Stranger Things season 4's final 2 episodes: Director teases a 'springboard' for final run
Shawn Levy, one of the show's executive producers and directors, gives EW a taste of what's to come when Volume II premieres its two supersize episodes on July 1.
Is Stranger Things season 4 hinting Will is gay? Producer says 'there aren't many accidents' on show
Executive producer and director Shawn Levy addresses the long-standing theory after season 4 seemed to be leading towards a definitive answer.
Stranger Things gave subtle nod to Nightmare on Elm Street in Robert Englund episode
Executive producer and director Shawn Levy unpacks the Freddy Krueger actor's big moment in season 4.
The Adam Project stars break down the film's Star Wars 'Endor sequence'
Director Shawn Levy and his stars Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, and Walker Scobell talk about the sequence in The Adam Project inspired by Return of the Jedi's speed bike chase.

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Director Shawn Levy and his cast unpack the personal connections they all made to the story.
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It looks like Guy is free to become the next big movie IP.
Anthony Mackie shares Real Steel sequel idea that never happened

Director Shawn Levy says a Real Steel 2 is "still something we flirt with."