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The best sci-fi shows on Amazon Prime right now
Do you enjoy supernatural shenanigans, superheroes, alien invasions, and outer space exploration? Then you’ll appreciate EW’s list of the best sci-fi series currently streaming on Prime.
History of the World Part II reveals massive starry guest cast and (some) character names
The first teaser introduces just some of the many historical names that will be getting the Mel Brooks parody treatment.

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The cast of Die Hard: Where are they now?
It's been over three decades since Die Hard unleashed a winter wonderland of mayhem on the big screen. Catch up with the cast of this Christmas action classic.
Steven Spielberg's Fabelmans, Daniel Radcliffe's Weird win TIFF People's Choice and Oscars hopes

Spielberg's auto-biographical drama and Radcliffe's Al Yankovic movie respectively earned the overall TIFF People's Choice Award and the Midnight Madness prize.