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Kristen Stewart finds her voice as Princess Diana in the new Spencer trailer
The new look at director Pablo Larraín's portrait of the Princess Di allows viewers to finally hear how Stewart sounds portraying the icon.
Kristen Stewart fought to 'protect' Princess Diana's devotion to her sons in Spencer
The actress said during a TIFF talk that recreating Diana's love for Prince William and Prince Harry was a "scarier" aspect of filming: "If you don't get that right, you don't get her right."
Kristen Stewart stuns as Princess Diana in haunting Spencer teaser trailer
See Kristen Stewart transform into Lady Di in the first teaser for Pablo Larraín's upcoming drama about the royal's life.
Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana faces off with Prince Charles in first Spencer footage
The actress uncannily channels Princess Di, nailing her whispery tone and accent.

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