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Sam Elliott apologizes for Power of the Dog comments: 'I feel terrible about that'
The actor issued an apology to the cast and crew of Jane Campion's acclaimed western after he slammed its gay themes.
5 anonymous Oscars voters reveal their juicy secret ballot picks: 'Boring white guy? Gotta go!'
"Another white guy reminiscing about his white guy childhood? It's so boring to me," says one of EW's surveyed Academy members that revealed the Oscars contenders they voted for.
Benedict Cumberbatch addresses Sam Elliott's 'odd' rant about Power of the Dog's gay themes
Without naming names, Cumberbatch appeared to address Elliott's controversial comments about director Jane Campion's capabilities in tackling the genre: "It's not a history lesson."
Sam Elliott slams Power of the Dog's gay themes: 'They're all running around in chaps and no shirts'
"There's all these allusions to homosexuality throughout the f---ing movie," Elliott said, later asking: "What the f--- does this woman [Jane Campion] know about the American West?"
LaMonica Garrett on how 1883 depicts his Old West character
In Taylor Sheridan's world, the only man of color is treated with 'respect and dignity.'
Tim McGraw is ready to bail on Sam Elliott in 1883 sneak peek
The good guys are already clashing on the road to Montana and they're barely out of Fort Worth!

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Paramount+'s Yellowstone prequel, starring real-life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, begins streaming Dec. 19.
Welcome to the Yellowstone Age: Behind the scenes of '1883'
The gritty Yellowstone prequel takes fans back in time to meet the ancestor's of Kevin Costner's powerful John Dutton.