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Queer as Folk stars on having Kim Cattrall play their on-screen mom: 'It was magic'
"Samantha Jones had been acting as a surrogate mother for me for so long that it only made sense that she became my real TV mom."
The 16 best shows to watch during Pride Month
From coming-of-age dramas, to swashbuckling romance, to dazzling ballroom displays, here's a list of fun, fabulous, engaging, and must-watch shows that flourish with LGBTQ+ representation.
Queer as Folk cast and creators break down premiere's club shooting and need for joy after tragedy
The creators met with survivors of the 2016 Pulse shooting before writing the episode, explaining to EW that "telling a story about queer joy can only exist when paired with trauma and tragedy."
Ryan O'Connell on giving disabled people 'free rein to live their horny, sexy truth' on Queer as Folk
"I just want people to understand that disabled people are sexy and sexual beings, and we've been denied that for so long."
Peacock's Queer as Folk sets a fierce, fiery stage in first official trailer
The good times in New Orleans turn tragic and a community must figure out how to heal in Peacock's reimagining of the groundbreaking series.
Here's your first look at Peacock's Queer as Folk reboot
From Manchester to Pittsburgh and now New Orleans, folks are more queer than ever.

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